Lars Larson: U.S. fears Muslims, disinvites religious speaker

What happens when our own government becomes afraid of offending Muslims to the point that they disinvite a major religious figure in our country from speaking at the Pentagon?

This has been something we have all feared for a long time””when Muslims become influential enough in the United States that we would go in almost daily fear of offending them.

Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham was invited to speak at the Pentagon. After Muslims said that might offend some of them, he was disinvited to speak.

Our country hasn’t been willing to kowtow to any religious group. We didn’t kowtow to Protestants. We didn’t kowtow to Catholics, and we certainly aren’t going to kowtow to Muslims.

We need to tell that them this great country recognizes all faiths. We can’t be told when, and where and how, we can hear from them.

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