Sen. Ted Ferrioli on calls for affordable housing ‘state of emergency’

Sen. Ted Ferrioli

Oregon Senate Republicans

Salem, Ore. – Yesterday, Senator Ferrioli addressed the topic of affordable housing in a statement following the request by the Eugene City Council to Governor Brown for assistance alleviating homelessness.

“When families fall on hard times and need emergency assistance with food, clothing, and shelter, the State of Oregon is committed to meeting those needs,” said Ferrioli. “The affordable housing ‘state of emergency’ is a symptom of deeper underlying problems. Oregon has miserable graduation rates, students poorly prepared for family-wage careers, expensive housing due to erratic land use laws, and policies that harm small businesses and contribute to chronic underemployment. The Governor should enact a State of Emergency and get Oregon back on track to allow Oregonians to succeed in all aspects of their life.”

The City of Portland also declared an affordable housing emergency in October, requesting financial assistance from Governor Brown and the State of Oregon.

“The urban core is finally waking up to the affordability crisis across the state, a result of the failed policies of the majority party,” explained Ferrioli. “The Governor and the Oregon legislature must immediately enact bipartisan solutions to address high consumer costs, underemployment, struggling small businesses and underperforming schools. Putting a band aid on the symptom of affordable housing and homelessness will not work. It’s time to stop treating the symptoms and honestly face root causes.”