Check out new John Kitzhaber, Chris Dudley ads

Chris Dudley new Radio ad can be listened to HERE.

Below is the New Kitzhaber for governor ad.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah Thanks John, for working close with Vera Katz to inflict and perpetuate CIMCAM on K-12.
    That’s quite an education legacy to ride to November.
    In every other arena, same story.
    This will be entertaining to watch the left try to spin that moving backwards with electing Kitzhaber is really progress.
    The only thing the Oregon left is interested in is preserving power. It matters not a shred to them
    how screwed up things get.
    The fact that they could only come up with either Kitzhaber or the lunatic Bradbury is telling.
    I look forward to the experienced and savvy fresh face of Alley up against the tired and proven incompetence of Kitzhaber status quo.
    BlueOregon et al will be telling Oregon voters how good for Oregon another Kitzhaber governorship would be.
    When we stop laughing we can tell them that covering up all their shennanigans in Oregon goverment is hardly a good move for Oregon.

    Another Governor Kitzhaber would preserve every board at TriMet, OHSU, the Port of Portland and every agency like ODOT to perpetrate longer everything wrong they are doing.

  • Bronch O’Humphrey

    Hey jackoff, the Democrats had a deep field of viable contenders that stepped aside to support more seasoned and experienced hands. Steve Novick, Brian Clem and Rick Metsger were all considering bids when John Kitzhaber decided to run. It’s no secret that Ted Wheeler and Brad Avakian probably harbor such ambitions, too.

    So your nonsensical remarks really just show that as much as you might wish Oregon Democrats were just a bunch of silly rubes, they are actually well-united and work excellently together. Meanwhile, Allen I-Need-A-Job Alley and Chris Yeah-I-Just-Found-Out-About-This-PERS-Thing-The-Other-Day Dudley are scraping the bottom of the barrel for the GOP.

  • Pinkie French

    Still has the Mullet I see. A reminder, he has not changed a bit. Really is this all the democrat party has to offer? Just another retread that has nothing more then distain for rural Oregonians. Frankly, if he gets elected and the dims keep driving this state over the economic cliff, I am going to consider leaving. Born in here 1967, but frankly, enough is enough.

  • AMber

    I have a really silly question well its actually for my grandmother. Does anyone know the name if the song playing in the background of this commercial? Thanks

    • Kathryn

      This is the American Shaker song, “Simple Gifts,” which was also used in Aaron Copland’s score for the Martha Graham ballet “Appalachian Spring” (according to Wikipedia). I know it as the tune used for the song/hymn “Lord of the Dance.”

  • MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!

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