Remembering those who passed away in 2006

Here are some Oregonians who gave part of their lives helping to make Oregon a better place.

Dave Clem 1936-2006. A Vietnam veteran, Clem was an active Board member and volunteer for Oregonians In Action Education Center for over ten years. He gave thousands of hours of his time writing letters, gathering signatures, and speaking out in promotion of property rights in Oregon.

Bill Gaul 1922-2006. Gaul was a WWII vet who bought 30 acres of land in the Gorge for a retirement home. Fifteen years of hard work earning money to build his dream home vanished one day when the Columbia River Gorge Commission decided to wipe out his building rights and his land value. Gaul dedicated his life to trying to reform the Gorge Commission to protect other landowners. Gaul attended hundreds of town hall meetings and was famous for his large protest signs.

Blake Hering 1965-2006. A former US Marine, Hering served in leadership roles on many campaigns from Gov. Vic Atiyeh to President Bush to Ron Saxton. Hering was a civic leader in his support for many private institutions such as OMSI, University of Oregon and the Japanese Garden. Hering’s helpful hand was felt by many Oregonians.