Video: Candidate Steve Griffith voted for Measure 66

Here in the Willamette Week video debate between two Republican candidates for Senate District 19 held by Senator Richard Devlin, candidate Steve Griffith said on Measure 66-67 that “I voted for Measure 66, I voted against measure 67.” Measure 66 was the income tax increase on higher income earners and Measure 67 was the business tax increase. Both taxes were vehemently opposed by taxpayer and business groups across Oregon.

See Video here. 31:00 mark.

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  • Observer

    Oh great! Every single Republican house and senate member voted against these tax hikes, but now we have a Republican candidate who proudly states he was for one of them?

    I thought the day of the RINO was over!

  • Jack

    Yea he voted for 66, but wasn’t he the one that admitted to smoking pot also? I’ll have to watch it again. PS: FELLOW REPUBLICANS these RINO’S SHOULD NOT MAKE IT PAST PRECINT PERSON. COME ON. ENOUGHS ENOUGH.

  • Anonymous

    Griffith is a Democrat.

    What kind of screwed up state has this become?

    Mary Kremer is an outstanding and very reliable conservative Republican.

    This primary race is a no brainer.

    And Griffith is disingenuous.

  • Jan

    Aren’t we all glad the voters passed 66 & 67 to save our schools. The only problem is, every school district is cutting, cutting and cutting. I guess those funds will go to increased salaries, benefits and PERS, the kids be damned.

    When will the voting public get tired of paying for the largess of public employment? The people are paying for bigger and better benefits than they receive from their own jobs. Why are public employees entitled to live better than the folks who pay thier wages? Union power and votes.

    The system is so out of balance it must topple from its’ own weight and then what. The state goes bankrupt?

  • Jim Ray

    Has anyone who wrote a separate check to the Oregon Dept. of Revenue for either M66 or especially businesses for M67 noticed that their check has not been cashed yet? Perhaps the state hasn’t figured out where to “hide” the money yet!

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