25th birthday of Measure 5 Party — Dec 2

Mez5-victoryCelebrate 25th birthday of Measure 5 at the Executive Club, Dec 2nd
Speakers: Craig Flynn, Dan Phegley, Greg Howe
(These guys were there at the very beginning)
Wed. Dec 2nd. 7:00pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn.

Twenty five years ago voters passed Oregon’s greatest tax relief with Measure5 back in 1990. This heroic measure of the people limited property taxes which helped tens of thousands of families afford to stay in their homes. Your property taxes would be a staggering 40% higher today without the protection of Measure 5.

The Executive Club is throwing a party on Wed. Dec. 2nd, 7:00pm Airport Shilo with an all-star panel of those pioneer tax heroes which made it happen — Craig Flynn, Dan Phegley and Greg Howe. They will help transport us back in time to hear their authentic stories, struggles and comedic moments that made up the tax limitation movement. We “Taxpayer Rights” Oregonians have a proud history and a long list of victories making it long overdue for us to throw a big party to celebrate it.

Put your party hat on and help cherish our amazing taxpayer legacy on Wed. Dec 2nd.