Bad Media Night for Me.

Last night I watched NBC news with Brian Williams, and watched two news items that seemed disrespectful.

First was President Ford’s taped comments on the Iraq war. Why couldn’t Bob Woodward have waited 100 hours until after Ford’s official funeral, to go releasing his self-promoting interview. Ford’s death should be about Ford, and not about political cheap shots. If Clinton dies next, it is no time to go running to Monica Lewinsky to get her take on it within hours of his death.

Second was how NBC covered the John Edwards official presidential candidate announcement. Half the story was not about Edwards but about how his race relates to Clinton and Obama. It seems that you can’t cover any Democrat presidential candidate without spending most of the time talking about the other two. Edwards has worked hard and scored high in many polls. His announcement is a one time opportunity in the entire campaign where he should have the chance to be heard without the spin.