Poll: Dudley 28, Alley 13, Sizemore 11

Jeff Mapes reports on two polls (a must read), one poll shows Kitzhaber with a wide lead over Bradbury and anotehr poll, A SurveyUSA poll showing a wide lead in the governor’s race. Here are the results.

Dudley……………….28 percent
Allen Alley…………..13 percent
Bill Sizemore………..11 percent
John Lim……………….7 percent
Others………………….8 percent
Undecided……………34 percent

There are reasons for these numbers, see here.

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  • Jack

    11 percent for Bill Sizemore and he’s hardly been campaigning? KGW that FAIR & BALANCED station ha ha, didn’t even invite Sizemore for debates. Sizemore is alot higher than 11% folks and it wouldn’t surprise me to see some of that undecided vote break Sizemore’s way.

    • Dave McMullen

      Sizemore has a valid record showing he is for tax cuts and fiscal responsibility. He is the only one qualified to lead this state out of bankruptcy. That is why so many are attacking him and don’t give him air time. HE MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE!

  • Thomas D

    Dudley’s numbers surprise me. He is advertising a lot and his ads sound much better than he is. Alley is lower than I thought he would be. He had better get to work. Sizemore will do quite a bit better than the polls show because many will not admit to a pollster that they support him. Lim will stay about where he is in the single digits.

    It looks like a lot of people have not watched any of the debates. Dudley has been shockingly weak in the ones I have seen.

    • a retired professor

      Dudley seems to be the only one with a chance against Kitzhaber, but on the radio, he sounds horribly inarticulate. Bad as it seems, it looks like another round of Kitzhaber.

  • Anonymous

    Alley will be surging as voters look at their ballots and realize he’s the only candidate who should be governor on either side.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    I’ve yet to watch a debate, or even sink to the point of caring very much at this stage.

  • Anonymous

    I really resent Dudley – he is a celebrity with no leadership experience essentially buying his way to popularity, mostly with money raised out of state. I could be a huge fan if he had at least spent the last few years getting more involved in Oregon politics and building a conservative reputation. Instead, his record shows that he didn’t even vote half the time. He just looks like a spoiled rich kid who got bored with whatever he was doing yesterday and now wants to play governor today. What can we count on him for tomorrow?

    • Anonymous

      Well said! The voting record bothers me too. It seems like he woke up one day, said “Being an investment advisor is boring, not as much fun as being an NBA star. Hmmm, being Governor looks like fun. I can say I’m going to save Oregon because … I’m me. So I’ll call my rich basketball pals and we’ll buy me the Governorship.”

      Sadly, he seems to be the only one with a chance to beat Kitzhaber. What a poor choice.

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