Lars Larson: Driver’s license tests in English only

A great idea came out of the state of Alabama where a man is running for Governor. His name is Tim James and he’s the son of the former Governor of that state. He says that maybe we should do all the driver’s license tests in English.

I thought this was a great idea. In most states the driver’s license coach says if you can’t read English well enough to understand signs that direct, regulate, and restrict traffic, you’re not entitled to have a driver’s license.

States all over America are handing out driver’s licenses to people who don’t speak the language, read the language, or write the language. How in the world can we expect them to obey all the laws that are written in books in the English language?

I think Tim James has a first class idea. It should be added to the idea that Arizona came up to actually enforce the law against illegal aliens.

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