Representative Bruce Hanna: AG needs to release Foster files

From State Representative Bruce Hanna,

SALEM””House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) today sent a letter to the Attorney General urging him to publicly release all documents relating to Brent Foster, his former special counsel who’s currently the subject of an investigation by the Marion County District Attorney. The Attorney General has refused a request by to disclose 69 e-mail documents related to Foster’s activities in his office.

Rep. Hanna expressed concerns about the Attorney General’s efforts to grant special waivers to Foster as he worked with special interest groups to undermine the development of energy projects. In an unrelated case, it was also revealed that the Special Counsel improperly collected a water sample on behalf of a special interest group he formerly led.

“Mr. Foster’s involvement in the LNG issue, as well as recent revelations regarding Hood River Juice, leads me to question your commitment to promoting a positive business climate and to defending the rights of all Oregonians,” Rep. Hanna wrote.

Rep. Hanna said the Attorney General has not done enough to release documents about Foster’s work in state government.

“I am particularly troubled by your office’s unwillingness to disclose documents relating to interactions between your office, various state agencies and various special interest groups,” Rep. Hanna wrote. “If you are a true advocate of making government records more accessible, why are you refusing to disclose 69 e-mails from an inquiring citizen?”

Rep. Hanna said the Attorney General’s actions are making it more difficult for Oregon to recover from economic recession.

“Unfortunately, your office has taken aggressive action to block projects that would improve our economy and put thousands of Oregonians back to work,” Rep. Hanna wrote. “Rather than allowing a private business to follow the state’s permitting processes, your office’s actions and behavior have only reinforced Oregon’s reputation as a difficult place to do business.”