Huffman bemused by Wyden’s fundraising mailer

By Jim Huffman for US Senate Campaign,

On the very day that Jim Huffman, candidate for the U.S. Senate, released his April 28th FEC report, he learned that his opponent, Senator Ron Wyden, accused him of being “deep pocketed” in a direct mail fundraising letter.

“Our fundraising efforts are moving along quite well,” said Huffman, who reported contributions of $43,515 for the four week period ending April 28th. “But it’s pretty odd that someone with $3.7 million in the bank would accuse his opponent of having deep pockets.”
According to, during the 2010 election cycle Ron Wyden has accepted PAC contributions in excess of $935,000. Almost 65% of Ron Wyden’s contributions come from out of state, and he has raised more money from the state of New York than from Oregon.
Yet in his fundraising letter Ron Wyden says “Republicans are pouring out-of-state money into Oregon.” Of Jim Huffman’s receipts so far, less than 5% have come from out-of-state, and none at all have come from PACs.

“People in Oregon have grown weary of career politicians like Ron Wyden misleading them in order to extract money from them,” said Huffman. “After 30 years in Congress, Wyden’s record of actual accomplishment is still so thin that he apparently feels the need to misrepresent my fundraising — falsely accusing me of doing exactly what he has done — in order to get people to contribute to him.
“I’m very grateful for the outpouring of support from people all over Oregon — many who say they have never been involved in politics before. It shows how hungry people are to change the direction the country is headed under the leadership of career politicians like Ron Wyden.”


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  • Jim Ray

    Huffman outta ask “ah-ah-ah-ah” the stuttering-stammerer, just how many days do you LIVE in Oregon?

    Who the hell cares where the money comes from these days? All politicians live on welfare from all over the world!

  • Bob Clark

    Wyden sure is a joke. He spends years plotting healthcare reform only to be totally rolled over by Obama Care, which borrowed very little from Wyden’s work and in fact probably mostly ignored it. In the end, Wyden justs rolls over like the Pelosi Reid lackie he is.

  • Bronch O’Humphrey

    Why can’t Huffman get PACs to support him? There’s just no way he’s refusing the contributions, a la Ben Cannon, so why can’t he even garner that early support, and why are you trying to spin it like that’s a good thing?

  • Anonymous

    It’s harder to get PAC money when you are still in a primary. Once Huffman is the nominee, expect money to roll in from PACs and from out of state.

  • cecil

    Another little known fact about Wyden is that he never passed his bar exam and failed three times trying. I remember him when he was the leader of the “Gray Panthers” a senior citizen influence group here in Portland OR. He was always a lightweight and is a perfect example of the “Peter Principle,” otherwise known as someone who has reached his level of incompetence.

  • AlexT

    The discrepancy in PAC and out-of-state money can be attributed entirely to the fact that Wyden is an incumbent and the favorite in the race.

    It is perfectly fair for Wyden to say Huffman has deep pockets – he does, as candidates go, have a good chunk of personal wealth.

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