Oregonians okay with cell phone ban

On January 1, 2010 cell phone use was banned for drivers in Oregon. Most Oregonians don’t mind the new law. When asked if they agree with a ban on hand-held cell-phone use when driving, 83% said yes.

Yes: 786 – 83%
No: 166 – 17%
Total Respondents: 952

Are you one of the many who are breaking the habit the hard way?

In the first month the OSP issued 41 tickets and 250 warnings. In Portland citations far outnumbered warnings, with the police writing 368 tickets. These tickets included a five day targeted mission after the law went into effect, as well as regular daily patrols. Violaters faced a $142 ticket. Meanwhile, a surprising new study reported that hands-free phone laws don’t actually reduce crashes.