Scott Bruun: Debt is growing $4 billion a day

BRUUN: It’s time to address the federal budget

WEST LINN, Ore — Amid recent news reports that Congress may fail to enact a federal budget this year, state Rep. Scott Bruun, a businessman and Republican candidate for Congress, called on Congressman Kurt Schrader to come clean with Oregon taxpayers about how his party plans to spend our money. Schrader, a member of the House Budget Committee, has attempted to position himself as a fiscal moderate despite voting for the stimulus, bailouts, runaway deficits and the disastrously expensive healthcare bill. “Congressman Schrader has been little more than a rubber stamp for a broken congress which is now growing our debt at a rate of over $4 billion a day,” noted Bruun. “Before long, Shrader’s rubber stamp is going to turn into bounced checks when countries like China and Japan stop buying our mounting debt. The events in Greece should make it clear that runaway spending and deficits cannot be sustained.”

“This is just another example of a Congress neglecting its most basic fiduciary responsibilities,” Bruun said. “Instead, Congress must make tough choices and show fiscal discipline, just as we expect from every American family and small business. Schrader and this congress need to be transparent about how they spend taxpayer money – rather than going off the books and spending it behind our backs.”

Earlier this year, the administration proposed a budget that doubles the national debt, increases spending to a new record of almost $4 trillion, and proposes a record-high deficit of $1.6 trillion for the coming year. It will create the largest deficit since World War II and is a sure sign that Washington is unwilling and unable to confront its ongoing spending addiction.

“Congress’ number one responsibility right now is to exercise fiduciary responsibility in defense of the American taxpapayer,” Bruun stated. “I am running to restore balance and bring focus to these important fiscal concerns.”

Scott Bruun is a businessman and three-term Oregon legislator. Bruun and his wife of 16 years, Alison, have two young daughters and live in Clackamas County. They are active in local charitable, sports and church activities.