Rep. Jenson and AG complaint on Robo-calls falls flat

House Candidate Mike Mathisen Responds to Jenson Accusation and Attorney General Letter
Mike Mathisen Press Release,

(Hermiston, OR) — Mike Mathisen, Candidate for State Representative in House District 58, responded to the Oregon Attorney General’s Office today in a letter regarding claims Mathisen violated Oregon’s Do Not Call list.

An excerpt from the letter reads:
“As you are very aware, I am running for elected office against Mr. Bob Jenson and it is a very close race. If the complainant, Kevin Hudson (father of Bob Jenson’s campaign manager Jennifer Hudson), would have contacted my campaign directly, we would have immediately removed his name and number from our database. Instead Mr. Hudson, under the guidance of Ms. Jennifer Hudson (Bob Jenson’s campaign manager), waited and recorded the calls and then used the issue as a negative campaign tactic in an attempt to gain some type of Election Day advantage.My campaign will continue the practice of scrubbing our list and publishing a phone number and email address so individuals wishing to be removed from our calling program can easily contact me. My campaign has had good success in removing individuals that do not wish to be contacted using the above process. My campaign will continue the practice of identifying the caller by name, making sure that we make no calls before 9:00am and after 9:00pm and we will never randomly dial a number.”

“It’s very clear to me from the letter my campaign received that the Attorney General’s office saw no merit in the claims,” said Mathisen. “It’s also clear that Mr. Jenson just wasted taxpayer dollars with his personal vendetta, as the attorney from the AG’s office could have been working on a real case with much bigger implications rather than pointlessly spending time on a non-matter.”

Part of the reason may be the fact that Mr. Hudson, instead of contacting my campaign directly and immediately to be removed from our list, chose to wait until he had received numerous calls, which he recorded and kept, and then handed the information over to his daughter, Bob Jenson’s campaign manager, to file the complaint.”

Jennifer Hudson, the complainant’s daughter, is Jenson’s campaign manager and is employed by Communication Strategies, Inc., a firm running Jenson’s campaign based in Lake Oswego.

“It’s incredibly disappointing and frustrating to me that Bob Jenson has chosen to engage in this kind of negative campaigning, focused on personal attacks instead of on the real issues: Higher taxes, public safety and education,” stated Mathisen. “Repeatedly, Mr. Jenson has refused to talk to me face-to-face about the problems he helped create with his votes to raise $1.6 billion in new taxes and fees, release criminals early into our community or his support for a sales tax.”

“When a campaign has to resort to personal attacks and is filing frivolous complaints, you know it’s in trouble and that’s what this, and Mr. Jenson’s other negative campaigning tells me, is that his campaign is in deep trouble,” concluded Mathisen. “The people of this district deserve better than a State Representative who runs away from talking about the issues and chooses instead to hide behind personal attacks and dirty campaign tactics.”

Mathisen can be reached at 541-561-0731 for more information.