Oregon Driver Licenses and Illegal Aliens

(Article by Jim Ludwick of Oregonians for Immigration Reform)

Oregon is the only state on the West Coast that openly acknowledges that it issues driver licenses to illegal aliens. In addition, Oregon is one of only five states that do not verify the Social Security numbers of driver license applicants. The result is that Oregon has become a magnet for ID fraud, the methamphetamine trade and illegal immigration. In addition it has put a terrible burden on our public schools, the Oregon Health Plan and the criminal justice system.

The 2007 Oregon Legislature will address the issue but only because they are forced to do so. In 2005 Congress passed the REAL ID Act. This act requires all states to verify that driver license applicants are either U.S. citizens or legal residents. If a state does not comply with the act by May 2008, that states driver licenses will no longer be valid as proof of identification when boarding planes, entering a federal building or in any other dealings with the federal government. In essence, citizens from non-complying states will need a passport or other similar ID’s when traveling outside their state.

Unfortunately there is a loophole in the REAL ID Act. The loophole allows states to set up a two-tiered system. A high standard for American citizens to obtain a driver license and a low standard for illegal aliens to receive a “driving privilege” license. The driving privilege card could not theoretically be used as an ID.

Fortunately only two states, Utah and Tennessee, have taken advantage of the loophole and one of them, Tennessee stopped doing so. Last year Tennessee discontinued the practice citing the fact that out-of-state applicants were using fake papers and bribes to get the cards. In fact crime syndicates were bringing people in from not only other states, but Central and South America as well.

Governor Kulongoski is on record in saying that he will introduce a driver license bill in the

upcoming legislative session that will bring Oregon in compliance with the REAL ID Act. However when questioned about a driving privilege card for illegal aliens he did not respond with an answer. If Oregon were to pass a bill that contains the driving privilege card for illegal aliens, we would be only the second state that actively has such a provision and consequently become even a greater magnet for crime.

In August 2006, the Governor’s State —Issued ID Task Force released their report to Governor Kulongoski. http://www.oregon.gov/CJC/docs/IDTaskForceReport.pdf In the report it was stated that “Oregon does not require people to prove “˜legal presence’ as part of the eligibility process.” The report went on to say, “This has led to Oregon becoming a magnet for people here illegally who find it increasingly difficult to obtain a driver license in other states. This increases the risk that DMV will issue DL/ID cards to people who aren’t who they say they are, and that more “˜fraudsters’ will come to Oregon from out of state.”

Congressman Steve King (R-IA), has stated that on average 13 Americans are killed each day by drunk driving illegal aliens and on average 14 Americans are murdered everyday by a non-citizen. Almost 10,000 Americans each year. The last thing we need is to lure more illegal aliens into Oregon. A driving privilege card for illegal aliens would do just that.

Jim Ludwick
Oregonians for Immigration Reform
PO Box 1438
McMinnville, OR 97128

  • Anon

    I sure wish OIR and their supporters had been more vocal during the last election. By not running an Intiative … and not showing any real political muscle in Oregon’s races. They’ve really undercut their ability to demand anything from this legislature or governor. They are taken about as seriously as the Libertarian party. (Actually the Libertarians might have more pwoer) Hopefully in the next election they can be better organized and generate some politcal capital. (IE … more than a f’in billboard.)

  • gold

    This driver’s license issue hurt Governor Gray Davis, and it will hurt Kulongoski too if he proceeeds with it.

  • DeVietro

    There is another problem here, the REAL ID act only really deals with NEW licensee’s and people who apply at DMV for a license. We all know that you can walk onto any college campus and for less than $100 bucks get a fake ID and believe me some of them are mighty convincing. So unless were are really prepared to use RFID AND impliment the readers EVERYWHERE there are still major issues.

  • Glenn

    at least Oregon has that stupid law where yuo can’t pump yuo own gas. Let the illegals do it since no AMerican will

    • Kathy F

      You’re right – the illegals are criminals. I’ve been listening to radio discussions about the 20 mph in school zones. A school bus driver says people pass her red light flashing bus all the time. One even passed her on the right. I’d bet all my assets that the illegal passers are illegal aliens who can’t speak or read English and therefore can’t read traffic signs, the DMV laws or any other rule in this country. So they ignore them all. Seems to me that puts our children at risk. Where is the yelling about that?

  • Steve P.

    As stated by Congressman King, Almost 10,000 Americans each year are killed by giving illegals the privilege to drive.

    This is *far above* the 3000+ Americans that have been killed in Iraq these last few years.

    Where is the outrage?

  • Jim Ludwick nailed what’s wrong with drivers licenses for illegal aliens. This system treats citizens with contempt by forcing them to prove their worthiness to get a license while lavishing them freely on admitted lawbreakers. On top of that, the system caters to organized crime syndicates and would-be terrorists who need drivers licenses to obtain other provileges.
    The idea is insane, but we have no end to spineless politicians willing to grovel to the most demanding special interest groups.

  • Nek

    You lost, we won, get over it and accept the fact that we are welcome in the State with all the appropriate privileges regardless of our birth place.

  • Winston Mitchell

    Jim Ludwick’s on-the-mark declaration — referenced in the present instance to drivers licenses — speaks to a much larger matter; moreover, is overwhelimingly validated by ongoing evidence that globalist sycophants of whatever stripe cannot set aside. The latter are bent upon destroying the best of American traditions and limited constiutional government while delivering her over to world state socialism and one world government. Witness that The European Union has shredded the valuable culture and political sovereignty of former nation states, and obliterated any semblance of representative government.

  • Janis Tebow

    I am so sick of illegal immigrants getting special provisions, benefits, and educational programs. And we are funding it. I will NEVER vote for anyone that supports illegals and their benefits that cost us billions. Its time to get tough and get them out of here. Voter id requirements are a must to eliminate the politicians running scared of the illegals and their voting power. Refusing them drivers licenses is the first step in the process of creating fool proof ID for CITIZENS of America.

    Listen up governor. Your next steps could possibly destroy the Democratic stronghold in place in the larger cities right now.

    Janis Tebow

  • Bob Cooper

    OIR and other immigration control/reform groups indeed have great value. Unfortunately the value does not translate to appropriate power. In today’s America, when the federal governement and state governement is replete with socialists who purpose to destroy American sovereignty there is little citizens can do because the typical response of “get even at the polls” is not timely and carries little weight. It is time true Americans take back our nation from the leftists, socialists, Euroizers, and secular humanists, if we are to remain a Constitutional based nation. After all when our own leaders avoid, abandon, or snub enforcement of our laws then it is the citizens who MUST act – but where’s the heart and will in today’s American? They’ve become big-butted TV couch potatoes filled with apathy while the rest of us are too few to effect change.

  • Elizabeth Van Staaveren

    Ludwick’s article is right on. If “driving privilege” cards are given to persons unable to prove U.S. citizenship or legal residence, then the whole REAL ID act will be ineffective. We’ll have a lot of bureaucratic expense and inconvenience to citizens while accomplishing NOTHING to stop illegal immigration. The public wants illegal immigration stopped; they are seriously hampered in doing anything about it because the mainstream media gives us propaganda instead of neutral coverage and full truth about the whole immigration issue. See a recent poll by CIS, showing voters want less, not more, immigration, and that the reason we have so many illegals is that enforcement efforts have been grossly inadequate. https://www.cis.org/articles/2006/back906.html
    Regarding OFIR’s work, don’t knock it. It’s the only organization in Oregon trying to stop illegal immigration and reduce the volume of legal immigration to environmentally and socially sustainable numbers. These are life and death issues for the U.S. Read Pat Buchanan’s book, State of Emergency.

  • Curtiss A. Greer

    My concern is that Oregon will again try to pass a exemption from following Federal Law. If they do it shows what they think of long time Citizens. Also what they think of those who have served and others who gave it all to make this Nation Great.
    Semper Fi

  • Daniel

    I really don’t understand what the problem is here. These people are felons and they are nothing but a burden to everyone else who is rightfully here. I cannot see any good from allowing these people to remain here or to grant them any kind of pardon. If we pardoned them, then we should be prepared to pardon every single other law breaker in this entire country. I would gladly pay any amounts of money to get them out of here and to build a border that would ensure that we did not face this problem again. It may cost billions of dollars, but it would be cheaper than paying for everything else for them. It is an outrage that their children are allowed to go to college for free, when my children must pay for it because I have made the right choices in my life and make too much money. What is wrong with that? Bottom line: get them out, and do whatever it takes. The benefit surely outweighs the cost.

    • Duane M Thomas

      You are absolutely right, they are felons and they do need to be exported back to Mexico. But what seems to sail by everybody is “why are they being acommodated?” they are being granted the priviledge of citizenship in order to do away with American sovereignty. Being born in America, and a citizen, with voting priviledges, and everything else that comes along with citizenship…..is meaningless….isn’t it, if anybody can step foot in America and be able to have the same things. And you will never be able to comprehend such treason untill you can comprehend the reality of “Who they are” that are in control of the government and have been in control of the government since its “founding” FREEMASONRY
      the religion of Satan. believe it or not but the facts speak for themselves don’t they…..

  • Bosco Boyle

    Oregon’s legislature is not interested in what Oregon voters want; instead they want what’s best for the state’s farmers and arborists no matter how dumb the long-term damage it causes. The Mexican Government is silently encouraging every consulate in the country to do whatever it takes to increase the number of illegal aliens in the US, because the money they send home every month represents the second largest component of their GNP. Only oil brings in more US currency. Mexico’s leading politicians and intellectuals proudly refer (in Spanish) to what’s happening as a bloodless and silent “reconquest” of the USA…not just California, Arizona and Texas, but the entire country. Americans are sadly misinformed about how to grab the headlines. Thus everything we read in our media favors more illegal immigration. That’s why schools are forbidden from asking for proof of citizenship, and the DMV hands out driving licenses with no proof of citizenship. Mexicans can even birth their children in our country without screening. Until Americans organize like the NRA and Wal-Mart, the situation will remain like it is. Instead of 15 or 20 organizions, these entities need to join together and start flexing muscle. Until that happens nothing will change.

  • Curtiss A. Greer

    I don’t like the fact they are here. Many of us need to understand the Law before we say the wrong thing. These people are only felons if they have been deported before. Or if they are charged with a crime. Illegal entry is not a felony. I wish it were. Also I wish Oregon would pass laws to proscute those who emploee or rent to unlawful immigrants. Oregon’s 181.850 statute states public agencys can not expend funds to identify unlawfuls. It does not stop proscuteing emploers or landlords.

    • Leah S.

      Unfortunantly NO. Our government is total corrupt and unfortunantly it is just not with the issue of illegal immigrants. If you watched the news this morning you heard an electided Demicrat state ” It goes up Pennsylvaina ave and comes back down”. In other words if Bush don’t like it it will not matter that the house or stenate want it he will just send it back. We as the people have no say. And the people who really give a rats behind have been out voted. Marry Staret would have done wonders for Oregon but she did not get the expososer to put her in a place where she could have done something. Oregons loss.

  • Bob Cooper

    Admit it – America has become a land of the lawless. When those who have sworn to uphold the laws of the land and state laws abandon their moral and legal responsibilities then isn’t it time for those who do value right from wrong to take back the country? Scriptures tell us that in the time of the end “wrong will be right and right will be wrong”. There are those who are in national and state leadership who have sold their soul to Satan because in their own eyes they do right but are self-deluded because they are beset with moral corruption and power mad. Even the “talking heads” have lost reason by overtly supporting those who are corrupt. Am I the only one who sees this?

  • Erin B. Thurber

    The Oregon LEgislature is the only one in the country lacking impeachment powers over elected and appointed state officials. I am working on two bills which will correct that problem in the 2007 Legislature. I would appreciate your support on this issue.

  • Yes, our “elected officials” are accommodating illegals for a reason–Globalism. We need to get out of the UN NOW. Ron paul has a bill that will not be voted on because not enough beople are demanding it. HB1146 I believe. The Globalists have taken over this country. The CFR controls everything from who will run for president and congress on down.
    What I do not understand is that when the Democrats acted up people voted Republican, when the Republicans acted up most of the people voted Democrat, on and on. Guess if people are so foolish, this country deserves what it gets. There should have been a third party (Constitution, America First or possibly Libertarian though they have no moral code, neither do the dems or replics.
    The idea of organizing is certainly very good. When the Conquestadors came to Selem, I understand they were paid for taking off work by their union and given money for meals. Problem with America is that people are too wrapped up in their individual freedom to unite I am afraid. A new movie by Mel Gibson Apocalypto shows the demise of Myan culture which is a scary parallel to what is happening in U.S.A.

  • Jerry

    The main reason Oregon allows illegals to get driver’s licenses is that they make money on them. Sad. Very sad indeed.

  • Curtiss A. Greer

    Foul language as I just read is uncalled for. “Bryan Link” This is an example of the Moral decay we face. Yes I am upset also. I deal in local politics a lot as at 69 I am giving back. I all ways thought retirement was a time to relax. With the decay we face it is still a time again to fight.
    Freedom & Liberty are Not FREE.

  • Please unsubscribe 2 of these. I received 3 three identical messages today. One is enough. thank you.

  • K Welch

    All the talk only vents the majority’s frustration. Polls show the majority of Americans and legal residents hate what’s happening to what was once the greatest country on earth.So why can’t we organize and make a difference? Brace yourself, with the new congress it’s only going to get worse. We need a hero! We also need to speak up, at every opportunity, against this madness. I DO one of the jobs “Americans won’t do” every day, and have for over 30 years! I make almost 30%less today landscaping, than I made 20 yrs ago. And now they want to give SS to these crimminals that are overtaking our land! Get off your asses and protest this every chance you get!

  • Bob Cooper

    It seems to me that this site should place a break “line” to separate poster comments. Why? Well, I personally take offense to my name being directly above an expletive from a subsequent poster. My values and behavior do not include the use of profanity in any form and I consider its use to be vulgar use of the English language and demonstrates a significant abuse to others and is a clear personal deficiency in the poster’s values, integrity and character.

  • Pepe’

    As if it’s not bad enough already – wait until we start paying social security retirement benefits based on workers with employment records including both legal and ILLEGAL work. It is already in the works and WILL happen unless we really scream at all of our elected politicians, starting with our President.

  • cut2it

    Social Security for Illegal aliens, but American citizens wait years!
    There has been a lot (but not enough!) of discussion about the Bush Social Security benefits for illegal aliens…
    The U.S.-Mexico Totalization Agreement whereby illegal aliens will qualify for disability/retirement benefits with a fraction of the time worked that citizens must have. And to pour salt in the wound, the Senate “immigration reform” that would simply break the SS bank.


    The U.S. Commissioner of Social Security signed a totalization agreement with the Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute on June 29, 2004. Now that the agreement has been signed, it must be reviewed first by the State Department, and then by the White House, which will submit it to Congress. Congress will have then have 60 “legislative” days to review the agreement. During this period, current law authorizes either Chamber to pass a Resolution of Disapproval of the agreement, or it will take effect automatically at the end of the 60-day period.[snip]

    ACT NOW or kiss your benefits good by :o[

  • Curtiss A. Greer

    It won’t end until the roits start. It will be same as zoot Suits of the past. All I can say is don’t darken my path. I know many others who feel the same. It is getting to hot not to boil. We are all descendants of immigrants. I support immigration not unlawful entry.

  • Kathleen Worman

    Jim Ludwick has identified Oregon’s problem of openly giving ID to illegal aliens. In Governor Kulongoski’s Public Safety Review Report, the Governor has made it clear that he intends to continue the practice by giving “driving privilege” licenses despite abundant evidence of fraud and criminal activity associated with his policy.

    Governor Kulongoski has never disclosed his objective in continuing this practice. It is apparent that a statewide agenda exists to not only allow illegal aliens to function as citizens within Oregon and receive tax paid benefits, but to give preferential treatment to Latinos. The “migrant farmworker” housing and Latino health care and support services springing up in communities throughout the state give the red carpet treatment exclusively to this group.

    New construction of migrant farmworker housing is being built in Scappoose. The funding source for this is USDA money. When the neighbors attended a planning commission meeting to protest allowing this housing to be built, they were told they could only submit written comments. The decision to put in this housing had already been made and the community wasn’t allowed to participate in that decision. No other low income people in the community can reside there. It’s exclusively for Latinos.

    DMV continues its double standard of applying stringent rules for Oregonians who bring in their teenage children to apply for learners permits demanding a birth certificate and social security number or no permit. An illegal alien who cannot speak English is held to a different standard – no social security number? No problem. Here’s your permit and your voter registration card. A DMV manager, LaVay Jeffries, was fired by Lorna Youngs, head of Oregon DMV, for “racial profiling” when he recognized earmarks of a scam and took action to stop it. This occurred while this Lorna Youngs was a member of this task force. The members of the task force know Oregonians want the state to stop giving ID to those here illegally, but have no intention of stopping.

    What we do know is that Oregon’s governor and his agency appointees have an agenda that gives preferential treatment to illegal aliens from Mexico regardless of the cost to Oregonians. Oregon needs more roads, improved education and services for our own poor and elderly, but they go to the back of the line while illegal aliens reap benefits handed out by Governor Kulongoski earned by hard working Oregonians.

    Governor Kulongoski’s reluctance to answer a direct question shows his unwillingness to comply with Real ID Act. If he has to do it, it will only be the barest minimum standard.

  • Curtiss A. Greer

    Last post shows that houseing is exclusive for unlawful persons. This to me opens up this project to a lawsuit for discrmination based on race. This is not allowed for employment or other situtations.

  • David Archer

    Oregon does not require ID for an Oregon Drivers License if you are non white. The DO require ID for an Oregon Drivers License if you are white in race. This is clearly another example of racial profile against people of white skin color. This happens on a daily basis at Emergency Medical Clinics all across the country. White skinned people are profiled as to have money to pay for medical attention, while brown skinned persons are not even asked for or spoken to about paying for medical attention.
    I know, it has happened to me on 2 occations and many other people I know of.

  • Curtiss A. Greer

    Would like to meet someone who has the time and backbone to do something about this problem. We can set up a sting that will put the State Dept of motor vehicles on the spot for this. It will take a coperative action. I for one am not afraid to take on the State. I have done good on City matters.If you are interested contact me.

  • Clancy R, Dawkins

    Your absuletly right Cutiss. Housing is for unlawful persons. The govment is secretly run by FREEMOASONS. Geo Bush’s grandfather stole Gerinomomo’s skull. Lemeurnans live under Mt. Shasta. Area 51 is a secret landing zone for Amelia Airhardt’s lost squadron. Black UN helicopters are hoovering over my house at this minute.

  • Anonymous

    Stop Civil Rights Abuse Federal and State of Oregon.

    The State of Oregon should eliminate the abuse of Civil Rights, so that when we have justice and a true democracy, when the public has authority not just when the power of money determines who govern whom and tell us their “truth”. Therefore the small businesses will benefit and will be able to compete in the market of Oregon and the workers will receive fair treatment without interference from the educated and cultured Mafia that supports the discrimination of the big corporations against the small businesses.
    1 – Close Boli, the civil rights office and all the offices of the supposed defenders of civil rights. This office is full of educated blemishes that support the violations of human rightsagainst our citizens and support the crimes committed for big business.
    2 – Shut down the influence of the White love Mafia in the State of Oregon.
    Example: ODOT, the office of Transportation in Oregon, will not use concrete posts certified by an engineer, and less expensive than wooden posts with a guarantee that
    Than can last LONGER than 50 years. Instead, they buy wooden posts in which they put two 2-inch diameter holes below which will allow a strong wind to break them. quickly, and they rot from the inside out faster, too, all costing more money for Oregon taxpayers. They say that it’s for when they chase a criminal at high speed, in a car and he crashes into a post, he doesnt get hurt very badly in the accident, but instead he crashes into the post, it breaks at the bottom and the driver can just continue to drive over the top of it, cash into other cars or if in front of a school can kill students and anybody else who happens to be walking on the sidewalk. And the suspect can walk away unscathed or only slightly injured.
    3 – Turn over the funds of the office of the defenders of civil rights to a line of lawyers for court costs for victims of human rights abuse. Today’s high legal representation costs, make it impossible to justly sue.
    4 – Eliminate the Mafia control over the Oregon employee.
    Big business controls the contracts of the State of Oregon. They receive funds, keep a portion, turn the rest over to a contractor, he keeps a portion turns the rest over to a subcontractor who hired undocumented workers, often paying less than minimum wage. The illegal black market businesses hand over their personnel to the subcontractors, many of which are illegal, and come here directly from Tijuana, Mexico and come to work for different businesses where many illegals are working.
    There is an “extension of the misery” when there are moreunemployed workers and underpaid people. There isn’t money to consume marketed product. This makes a minority richer and harms the majority of the citizens of Oregon.


    Peter Vom Tal
    Eisen Concrete Post
    889 Risley Ave.
    Gladstone, OR 97027

  • Jerryhibbitts

    Well you get the goverment you voted for!!!

  • Rickjoeman

    You’ve got to be kidding me? This guy wants to give illegals who are breaking the law by entering our country illegally drivers licenses without ID. Let me tell you a true story: The hospital where my brother was born lost his birth certificate. He tried literally for years to get it just so he could get his driver’s license and social security card. After a few years and many phone calls to different states and officials in those states, he finally got his birth certificate, social security card and his driver’s license. Our family has been in the US since before it was the US and some of our ancestor’s (the Native North American Indians) were here since God put them here.

    Does it seem fair that people who have broken the law are simply given driver’s licenses without ID? If you believe so, you must be joking and not in a funny way. I believe those responsible for the very strange and illegal idea of giving illegals driver’s licenses to drive in our country should be ran out of office as well as the illegals be tried for their crime of entering our country illegally.

    Speak up US Citizens! Don’t let them get away with it!

    • Dointo

      I had a friend who’s parents came here legally from Mexico. He was born here in the US and became a cop. He told me that nearly all the meth busts were illegals bringing it up from Mexico as well as cooking it here in the US with supplies from Mexico. It was very disturbing to him as well as me. I’ve witnessed people who got hooked on meth and let me tell you, they will do anything to get it at some point in their addiction, even murdering their own family. If Kulongoski succeeds in giving illegals driver’s licenses; I believe it will only increase the flow of illegals and illegal drugs into the US and our beloved Oregon… God help us all. Let’s vote him out of office US Citizens.

      • Lorenarod123

        This is very ignorant!!!! First of all ” white people aren’t from this country” Native americans were the first to come. You guys brought black people as slaves, Mexicans were already here up until the president sold the lad due to the battle. ANd drugs??? like really!!! Mexico isn’t the only place where they get it from!!! Your ignorant and racist!!! Let me tell you those tacos you eat are from Mexico!!! and just so u know when the United states was at a crisis because of the fire that occured in California a few years ago. Mexico was the Country that sent troops to help!!!! Get your facts straight before you start making false statements!!!!!!

    • NormaBramirez

      excuse me but im pretty sure your like all the white people here the are too effin lazy to get up off their asses and work in the hot sun in the fields for 8-10 hours a day! and what these laws are doing to us is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! read the constitution where it says ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL! what happened to that? and for your information about 38% of CITIIZENS dont even have their high school DIPLOMA! so please…. once you lived what we lived… THEN decide what to do. cause really, the food you eat was once in our hands as we picked it from the fields. and well if you dont know your facts such as how 8 of the FBI’s most wanted people are AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!! so crime has nothing to do with us. Every country has crime no matter what. you guys just want someone to blame for it. the U.S. helped stop the holocause cause it was unhuman and racial towards jews… well what are you doing to us? limiting us to do things, and forbidding us to do things simply because we are ILLEGAL!? please keep your mouth shut:)

    • Proud to be an immigrant

      you are fucking dumb, neither your north american indians or your ancestors where here before all the inmigrants that you are talking about, if so the only people who are breaking the law in here are all of you guys because all this lands all the way to Washington we Mexican territory you dumb ass!!!!

  • jay

    My father is Mexican (illegal) my mother white US Citizen, and that makes me a Latino, born here in the us. I am torren between both sides. I also see the need for revenue in our state, so why not make this work for us. From my personal experience and from friend and co-workers, I can tell you that the last thing any honest working father, mother, brother, etc. wants is to knowingly be breaking the law. I don’t believe it should be as easy as to provide a utility bill, that is just plain senseless. If an illegal immigrant can prove an active work history for at least 6-9months, pass a criminal background her and in Mexico, or country of origin, prove of insurance, and have it be a zero tolerance privilege. If anything bigger then a minor traffic violation. It should be immediately revoked and they should be shipped out. All at their cost, so that those US, hard working tax payers don’t have to ever see, some made up tax deduction on their next paycheck. Why not give it a chance it would great more revenue, more jobs, better schools, there for a recovering economy.

    – j-

  • Don’t give them drivers licenses. Get them plane, train, and bus tickets out of the state and back to their home countries.

    • clos

      To my fellow ILLEGAL ALIEN REPORT friend.My ticket back to my home country is 2 thousand dollars. Hey if you are willing to pay 2 thousand to send me back. I would be more then happy to leave this country and go back to my birthplace. Write me a check and you wont see me here anymore

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