MIchelle Obama Tax on Food

By Americans for Tax Reform,

Michelle Obama has embarked upon a well-documented campaign to tackle childhood obesity in America. As with similar social initiatives, it begins with the noblest of intentions only to morph into another big government program funded by new taxes aimed at behavior modification.

I won’t dispute that obesity is a problem in this country, nor that children are better off living healthy, active lives. What I do find troubling is the Task Force on Childhood Obesity's report calling for, among other things, a study of the impact of higher food taxes on obesity:

The task force also sees a potential pocketbook approach to keep people from buying unhealthy foods. It calls for analyzing the effect of imposing state and local sales taxes on less healthy products.

This is becoming an unwelcome refrain within the Obama Administration. The stimulus package signed into law in February contained hundreds of millions of dollars in spending to expressly advocated for tax increases. It's also an established trend for left-of-center causes like the Campaign for Tobacoo Free Kids: Start with a good purpose, but slowly evolve into a platform for command-and-control economic policies.

I can agree that underage smoking and childhood obesity are problematic and should be curtailed. But government intervention into our lives, via high taxes and excessive regulation, is certainly not the answer. Rather than allowing people to make their own choices with regards to diet and exercise, the First Lady’s anti-obesity effort seems to be predicated on a reliable staple of the liberal playbook: government coercion.

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  • Not Your Pal

    Oh Boy! MOO COW MICHELLE attempting to put into place yet another waste of taxpayer dollars. Don’t these LIB MORONS in Washington have anything else to do but dream up more ways to spend everyone else’s money?
    And speaking of money, it should be noted that the new British Prime Minister, David Cameron; just held his first Cabinet meeting yesterday. It was announced that all the members of his cabinet, their deputies, and the PM will all take a 5% pay cut to help reduce the deficit. In addition, all members of Parliment will also have their pay frozen. Have you heard of any such austerity measures from our half-negro President or the self-serving jerks in Congress? I think not – they’re all just in it to grab as much money as possible.

  • Bob Clark

    The aim of the Democratic party is to create headlines (like Michelle Obama obesity), and sell the electorate it’s activism is actually producing something constructive. For instance, Congress could have just re-implemented Glass Steagal which served the country’s financial markets very well from the mid-1930s all the way through the mid 1990s, when Graham and Clinton decided to repeal it. Instead, Congress comes up with a thousand page plus bill of new bureaucratic measures. Even without Glass Steagal, the government still had the wherewithal to stop the financial meltdown, but the SEC and others were asleep at the regulatory switch, or probably more accurately the government was helping keep the housing bubble going.

    Much more constructive would be if Congress stopped the heavy money losses at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the postal service. These institutions are currently losing at the rate of $80 billion per year. Instead of throwing on all sorts of new government interferences, the government should get its own house in order.

    Abroad in Europe with Greece’s public sector blow up, countries are starting to realize the need to streamline government, reducing the public sector’s drag on economic growth. Hopefully, the U.S electorate begins to wake up to the same need to streamline government and stop the government activism.

  • Can’t hide

    She knows OBESITY because she suffers from it! There is a reason she only has waist up photos taken. Her obese but is the size of Rhode Island!

    • Anonymous

      Can’t hide, ROTFLMAO! Very funny! Think Michelle’s ass may be the biggest to occupy the White House?

  • Jack

    “For the First time in my life” I think the American People see how much of a Joke “THE ONE TERMER’S” wife is.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Makes sense – if high taxes can change the temperature of an entire planet, via Cap and Trade, then surely they can cure obesity.

    Really, this sort of thing is starting to be come redundant. Everyone who listened during the campaign knew BO wanted to tax the hell out of everything. BO Co. are interested in making peoples lives as hard as possible so that they will come running to government for special favours, thus empowering the government class.

    Wake me up when BO Co. says they want to lower the tax on something. That something being a thing or activity that improves peoples lives, no green job corporate welfare scams need apply.

    Right now its just a waiting game, will political change come to curtail the excesses of this administration, or will economic collapse come first. Who knows?

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