Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is an Idiot

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

On this past Thursday evening, Edward Archer shot and critically wounded Officer Jesse Hartnett, a Philadelphia police officer, in an unprovoked attack. Mr. Archer proclaimed that he was a disciple of the international Islamic terrorist organization known as the Islamic State and that he shot Office Hartnett in “the name of Islam.”

I watched the initial press conference and saw the look of anguish, anger and determination on the face of Police Commissioner Richard Ross as he detailed, with photos, the filmed attack on Officer Hartnett. While Mr. Ross described the horror that Officer Hartnett must have felt when Mr. Archer reached inside the officer’s vehicle and shot him multiple times and point blank range, he also took time to praise the courage of Officer Hartnett who, though critically wounded, exited his patrol car when Mr. Archer sought to flee and fired several times wounding Mr. Archer seriously enough that his fellow officers were able to locate and arrest Mr. Archer.

And then, in what is one of the most bizarre moments I have witnessed, the mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney (D), took his time at the podium, not to express his gratitude for the courage and bravery of Officer Hartnett, not to condemn yet another attack on police officers, and not to condemn the actions of yet another adherent to the Islamic terrorist group, the Islamic State, but rather to go on at length that this attack had nothing to do with Islam stating:

“In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,”

“That is abhorrent. It’s just terrible and it does not represent this religion in any way shape or form or any of its teachings. This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”

So too was President Barack Obama who, through his spokesman, steadfastly refused to acknowledge that the incident was a terrorist attack let alone an Islamic terrorist act, preferring instead to say that the matter is still under review – idiot.

Political correctness is killing us. It is making us addlepated. In the face of facts, we choose fantasy. In this instance, what part of the declarations by the would-be killer would lead you to believe that this had nothing to do with Islam? Was it the part where Mr. Archer proclaimed his allegiance to the Islamic State? Or maybe the part where he declared that he shot Officer Hartnett in the name of Islam. Or maybe it is the part where he yelled “Allahu Akbar.” Apparently, Mr. Kenney, another white liberal male, assumes that he speaks authoritatively on behalf of Islam and the Quran.

Like his fellow liberals with their heads planted firmly in the sand, or perhaps some dark bodily orifice, Mr. Kenney could not see any relationship with Islam but he could see that this did demonstrate a need for further gun control – ignoring the fact that Mr. Archer used a gun stolen from the police – moron.

But this is all about Islam. Islam is the sine qua non for the Islamic State and its practice and encouragement of terrorism. The whole concept of the Islamic State is based on the establishment of a caliphate and, in doing so, the establishment of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the caliph – in essence the leader of all Muslims. The Caliph is supposed to embody the essence of the Quran and other Islamic teachings. He can only remain Caliph so long as he adheres to these teachings. By extension the acts and edicts of the Caliph define expected conduct of his Islamic followers. In this instance, al-Baghdadi, having declared the Islamic State as a caliphate has defined terrorism as not only acceptable conduct, but expected conduct.

Whether you believe that al-Baghdadi and his followers represent true Islam is irrelevant. Their movement, their caliphate, their conduct is all based upon their interpretation of Islam. They proceed in the name of Islam and have, by declaring a caliphate, stated that their acts are the accepted and expected acts of Islam. To say that al-Baghdadi and his followers have nothing to do with Islam is deliberately ignorant. It is like saying that wine has nothing to do with grapes. Not all grapes are made into wine, but all wine comes from grapes.

Most assuredly, not all Muslims support the barbaric violence of the Islamic State, not all Muslims practice jihad, and not all Muslims are Islamic terrorists. But all Islamic terrorists are Muslim, all of them justify their acts in the name of Islam, and all believe that these acts are required of them under Islam.

When I was in college inane and irrelevant comments received a routine response – “Bite Me!” It’s time to bring that custom back.  Mayor Kenney – Bite Me!. President Obama – Bite Me! And for those who feel compelled to remind me that there are such things as dandelion wine, currant wine and Liberal whine – Bite Me!

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  • Ron Glynn

    If somebody shot a police officer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you can be damned sure that it would be reported that a Christian terrorist did it. Liberal politicians bend over backwards to kiss Muslim ass so as to not offend anyone. Typical political correct BS.

    • Eric Blair

      Please give an example. I’m not aware that the actions and violence from the KKK was ever explicitly tied to Christianity the same way the violence from Muslims in this country is directly tied to Islam.

      • Allen Eltor

        It was. The FBI finally busted them participating in conspiracies to burn churches, assault people, and deny people rights, in their churches. This is quite commonly known. It had been going on since the KKK started. “The Fiery Cross of Christendom” was what they lit. they claimed not to burn it but to light it by soaking it in oil and cloth.

        • Eric Blair

          But did the news and people blame Christianity for the KKK? Were the opinion pages filled with criticisms of how violent Christianity was?

          That was my point.

          • Allen Eltor

            People knew Christianity was about a guy dying alone before he’d get other people in trouble or even work hard to get away. He was, so their sky daddy book tells them, trying to get away. But, he was also so easy going that when his friends had to crash, he didn’t prod everyone along and try harder to get out of town. It’s all mythos but one teaches Ibn Taymiyyah and the other about Jesus YaWhat’s his name.

            One guy laid down his life for his friends in the mythos – the ATTRACTANT to their general mode of authority worship –

            the other one raised hell by simply arguing all the time, got himself thrown in jail, on and on, a constant activist-rebel type. At least for the Salafis, and that’s who’s really leading all the bigotry, and all the rest of them are authority worshippers. That’s what sky daddy fear is: authority to worship and point to, to blame one, for one’s mistakes.

            If you are really going on about how you think Islam and Christianity are the same thing, they’re both religions. Then again roller skating and roller derby are both sports.

            Islam is roller derby.

          • Eric Blair

            Well, good thing that I never implied or said that Christianity and Islam were the same thing.

            You went to quite a great length to not get my point.

          • Allen Eltor

            Everybody got your goofy premise: that they ARE comparable.

            They’re not even close you just ran your mouth and someone pointed out how goofy what you said is.

  • HBguy

    Clearly, the role of the murderers religious zealotry was too easily dismissed by the Mayor.
    But, i do question whether its wise to allow a possibly crazy person to claim to act on behalf of a religion.
    There is an “Army of God” here in the US that advocates violence against abortion providers and professes they are basically Christian soldiers. I don’t think we should let them smear the Christian religion by calling then Christian terrorists.

  • Granola girl

    Call a spade, a spade. We have a bigger problem with Muslim terrorists than we do with abortion protesters. Personally I am sick and tired of being PC. This religion is NOT about peace, and certainly does not promote women’s rights. Yes, I do profile and do not care to get to know any of them, period.

    • Eric Blair

      Well, I would say, given the many comments from groups like Focus on the Family, that Christianity doesn’t always promote women’s rights. I would also, perhaps, be a little more worried about the potential for domestic terrorism the KKK and groups associated with the Christian Identity movement.

      • Granola girl

        Eric, when I talk about womens rights, I’m talking about the child molestation, rape, body mutilation etc. that happens in Muslim countries. We have rules and laws on the books here to protect from that kind of insanity.

        • Eric Blair

          I believe it to definitely be one of the advantages of having secular government.

          • Disregard the stinker’s ploy

            Whap a hoot inherent satchel sass, clEric Blair, substantially unbalanced froths doff the left blank of faux bardsmanship.

  • oregongrown

    Excellent editorial. It’s way past time someone called BS on this extreme stance by some of our leaders toward ridiculous political correctness. The truth is that attack on that police officer was in the name of Islamic terrorists. I believe the terrorist was screaming his actions were in the name of ISIS when he was shooting.

    Thank goodness we have people that will recognize this attack for what it was. And we do have these terrorists living in our country. Look what happened in San Bernadino.

    I am so grateful that officer Hartnett lived. That is a miracle given the close range the shots were fired.

    And this from an article on CNN. This is what Archer, the shooter, said:

    “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State and that’s why I did what I did,” Archer said, according to Clark.

    I agree with Mr. Huss’s statement about the Philadelphia mayor. And I thank him for calling it like it is.

  • Myke

    The concept that we “shouldn’t judge people” is simply a lie. Try walking down an unfamiliar street at night and have a person of questionable appearance approach you, and not consider your safety. You are making a judgement on your safety based on their appearance. Plain and simple!

  • Eric Blair

    “And then, in what is one of the most bizarre moments I have witnessed, the mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney (D), took his time at the podium, not to express his gratitude for the courage and bravery of Officer Hartnett,

    Larry is either extremely deaf to anything other than he wants to hear, or he is outright lying.

    Harnett’s comments took 1:20 seconds. The first 50 seconds he explicitly mentions the bravery of Officer Hartnett, and commends the Police Department, not just in this case, but in the danger police officers in Philadelphia face in their daily work:

    Our main concern at the moment, today, is the welling, and recovery, and health, and rehabilitation of Officer Harnett. Obviously you can see the bravery he displayed. He and his family
    will get everything he needs from our Police Department, and from our city, in an effort to recover and to be whole again. I want to compliment Homicide Division, Police Department, for their just tremendous work, their everyday ongoing tremendous work, but especially in this articular case. Going to bring this case to fruition. I think it is very important that we understand how hard they work in the circumstances they work under, and also how our officers every single day are willing to do what
    Officer Hartnett has done to put themselves between us and the bad guys. So that’s the first part.

    [I took out the umms, and ahhs… I dont’ do professional transcription].

    “but rather to go on at length that this attack had nothing to do with Islam stating..”

    The part where he discussed Islam is 30 seconds in length. The part where he talks about Officer Harnett, in particular, and the police in general, is 50 seconds. I don’t think anyone could describe 30 seconds as going “on at length”. It’s not even the majority of Kenney’s comments.

    “Whether you believe that al-Baghdadi and his followers represent true Islam is irrelevant. Their movement, their caliphate, their conduct is all based upon their interpretation of Islam.”

    If Islam can be held to account for the actions of some of the followers, then Christianity will have to as well. There are Christians in the Christian Identity movement (think Aryan Nations) and in the KKK, for example, who use Christianity to justify their acts of violence and terrorism.

    “In the face of facts, we choose fantasy.

    I would suggest that you meditate on that sentence and ponder how it applies to you.

    Link: Jim Kenney News Conference

  • DavidAppell

    As usual, Larry goes straight to the ranting, instead of seeking facts to support his position.

    FBI Director James Comey spoke briefly about the investigation Wednesday: “There is no indication that (Archer) was part of a cell. And no indication of a follow-on attack — I want to offer people that assurance.”

    Archer looks more and more like just another crazy person who had no trouble getting a gun in today’s America.

    Larry can’t even hold onto his pants long enough to gather facts and evidence — he is desperate to blame anyone, everyone — including President Obama — for what Larry makes up in his own mind, sans evidence.

    Larry is looking more and more foolish with every column here.

    • Allen Eltor

      What about all those women raped in Cologne? Forget em, they shouldn’t have been outside?

      Your self assertion of always being right is what’s led to American children being fat, stupid, and unable to properly integrate into a civilization where there’s comfort and security.

      YOUR CHURCH brought the world POT’S like HEROIN.
      YOUR CHURCH brought the world school graduates from Federally oversight bounded schools

      FALLING behind long dress/hair bun/no makeup/dinosaur riding people. By THIRTY PERCENT.

      Everything the modern liberal stands for involves inversion from reality.

      Pot’s like Heroin is a CREATION: of DEMOCRAT FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT to ”advance American’s understanding of chemistry” through DESTROYING the NATIONAL HEMP PRODUCTS MARKET for his FRIEND DUPONT: the OIL man who made NYLON and POLYPROPYLENE from OIL.

      The Federal oversight over schools has even DINOSAUR RIDER HOME SCHOOLERS BLOWING public school students away. 30 % BEHIND DINOSAUR RIDERS schooled at HOME.

      You just go around wishing for innocent people to be disarmed and the whole world to run the way your political party wants it run because – if the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is in CHARGE of the COUNTRY’S EDUCATION and the entire NATION’S SOCIAL STRUCTURE is TEETERING all the time-

      it’s got to be SOMEBODY’S FAULT. Yeah. The MANAGEMENT’s fault. If FEDERAL POWER is leaving ALL these PEOPLE WITHOUT any more CAPABILITY than a brass B.B. that’s not PROGRESS.

      That’s the entire twentieth century marred by DEMOCRATS DESTROYING ENTIRE GENERATIONS with their

      POT’S like HEROIN war on S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

      YOUR church.
      It’s YOUR church and YOU need to explain how people overseen by YOUR CHURCH’S PEOPLE

      are behind dinosaur rider home school people.

      • Eric Blair

        While much of what you say is not comprehensible to me, at least you acknowledge the existence of dinosaurs!

        • Allen Eltor

          Most of what liberals read is incomprensible to them. Maybe you’re a liberal They believe a frigid reflective gas bath reduced energy to a sun warmed rock, then distributed it through and emitted it from a LARGER, COLDER, MASS overall, is a magic heater in the sky.

          • Thank you

            Write on for laying Appell and Blair, et al, out to rasp.

          • Allen Eltor

            Oh yes well they’re here to bark that they believe an atmosphere blocking 20% of the energy to a surface
            then distributed to emit from a LARGER, COLDER, overall MASS, is a MAGIC HEATER.

            Not the DEFINITION of COOLING. So you know they’re KooKs who CAiN’T CoWNT and can’t properly analyze a thermometer.

          • Eric Blair

            Hmmm.. I’m now of the opinion that you and “Thank you” are the same person.

          • Allen Eltor

            Stop talking in circles about nothing.

          • Eric Blair

            Feel free to lead by example 🙂

          • Allen Eltor

            People are thanking me in front of your face for it.

          • Eric Blair

            I’m not sure of what you’re trying to say, could you please explain it a little more clearly? I’m guessing that you’re referencing AGW.

  • DavidAppell

    Here you go, Larry — once again you look like an idiot:

    “PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The head of the FBI said Thursday the agency has found no indication that the man who ambushed a Philadelphia policeman was part of an organized terror cell or that there are plans for another such attack in the city.”

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