Lars Larson: Moratorium on energy off the Pacific coast

Maybe we all deserve to freeze to death in the dark.

This week the developments in energy came thick and fast and it’s all bad news for the American public.

First, Lieberman and Kerry came out with their Cap and Trade bill. It’s bad news in a number of ways, but one way in particular. Right now states can ban oil drilling three miles off their coastlines. The new bill would allow them to ban it out to 75 miles off their coast. If one state doesn’t agree, the next door states can veto the drilling plans.

Right behind that, a press release indicating that all the west coast senators will to hold a press conference to announce a permanent moratorium on all off-shore drilling off America’s Pacific coast.

If you’ve looked at some of the reports from the oil experts, this is where a lot of the potential oil is. And they want a permanent moratorium on drilling out to 75 miles? Maybe we will all freeze to death in the dark and it will be our fault it happened.

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