New Poll Shows Alley Ahead of Dudley in Oregon GOP Race

From Lindholm Company Poll. Found Here

Alley 29%
Dudley 26%
Lim 10%
Sizemore 4%
Other 2%
Don’t know 29%

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  • Sizemore will Veto any Tax Increase

    Neither one, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Sizemore will never be vetoing anything.
    For you to think otherwise shows you didn’t put much thought into “Neither one, thanks”.

    If you did you would realize who has a shot at winning and who doesn’t.

    As for Alley, he is exactly what Oregon needs.

    Oregon needs an executive not an experiment.

    Many Republicans discovered months ago what a stellar candidate Alley is.
    Now it appears many others are discovering the same thing while seeing Dudley as simply not ready for the top job.

    Now talk to your friends and make sure they vote Alley.

  • Sleepless Mother

    Sizemore will do a lot better than the polls show him doing. Win? Well, probably not, but he will do a lot better than the polls show. Just read his voters pamphlet statement and compare it to Dudley’s and Alley’s. Which one is clearest and strongest? There is no comparison.

    I have no faith in Dudley being able to win the general and even less faith in how he would do as governor given his lack of knowledge of even the basics of governance. Alley would be a far better governor than Dudley, but neither would compare to Sizemore.

    I might have voted for Lim, if I had understood what he was saying, which half the time I didn’t. You would think someone in the country as long as he has been here would speak better English.

    Dudley and Alley may be the frontrunners in this race, but they are both moderates. It is a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party in Oregon that the two frontrunners are both moderates.

  • Jack

    I voted for Sizemore

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Alley would be a far better governor than Dudley so why not vote for Alley since it will be one of those two?
    Logic works.
    Sizemore is illogical.

  • a retired professor

    I doubt that Alley can beat Kitzhaber. Maybe Dudley has a chance.

  • Dan

    Wait a minute….it’s SAD that the Republican Party will likely nominate a moderate??

    Yeah, I totally agree. I so look forward each year to getting my ass kicked. It makes me feel good about myself to know that instead of finding ways to expand the appeal of my party and philosophy on government, I retreat inward and become more strident, shrill and narrow. That’s where the real reward of participation lies. If I never win, I can never be blamed for the problems. Instead of finding solutions and proving our party’s competence and good ideas, I get to point fingers, concoct conspiracy theories and demand ideological pogroms to purify ourselves. It’s so much easier than actual leadership. I mean, if we republicans actually got elected, it might give us the experience and credibility to continue to earn the public’s trust, build relationships, demonstrate ability, and improve our reputation. We certainly can’t have that. There is SO much more nobility in being a martyr.

    • crudup

      ha! Nicely done

  • Anonymous

    a retired professor,
    So what? YOU doubt that Alley can beat Kitzhaber?

    What do you base that on?

    You’re wrong and don’t understands the dynamics.
    Dudley’s shtick is so thin the left with shed it the first week.

    Alley has already debated Kitzhaber and Bradbury and did very well.

    Alley will defeat Kitzhaber by more than 10%

    I look forward to your trying to cast Kitz as anything but backwards movement and the preservation of everything about the establishment that doesn’t work.

    • Anonymous

      Prediction based on (1) Alley’s loss last time he ran — by the way, I did vote for him; (2) every poll I’ve seen about the current election.

      You may be right about Dudley. I said maybe he has a chance. Based only on early polls. That is not a prediction he will win.

      If you want a prediction, here it is: Kitzhaber by 5%.

  • Robert Collins

    One might think that Dudley’s “star power” would help him in the general, but I think the media will wrip him to shreds over his lack of a political resume, lack of experience, etc. I voted for Alley.

  • Ted

    I voted for Alley. He dominated in the debates, and he will go to town on Kitzhaber. Dudley was flat and didn’t offer much. Star power only goes so far.

  • Beau

    Why is there no link to get a “repeal the gas tax” initiative on this site?

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