Rep. Mike Nearman focuses on education reform

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Rep. Mike Nearman

(Salem, OR) — Rep. Mike Nearman announced his bills for the 2016 Legislative Session; noting that preserving current education reform, and pioneering new reforms to help improve education are critical. Legislators are allowed two priority bills in the upcoming February legislative session.

Rep. Nearman’s first bill lifts two sunsets on major bipartisan education reforms that were passed in previous sessions. “In 2011, a bipartisan coalition decided that it was bad policy to trap children in failing schools. That year the legislature decided to make progress a priority in education with common sense reform legislation. Protecting progress in education in crucially important for students, teachers, and parents. We’ve made progress in helping kids get a better education. We shouldn’t revert back to outdated education law by allowing these laws to sunset and set back progress.”

Rep. Nearman’s second bill creates the opportunity for more progress to be made in education reform. The bill creates additional extra-salary incentives for teachers that local schools reward for their effectiveness, as well as for teaching at high demand, underperforming schools. “This is a wonderful solution with local controls, which allows teachers to be rewarded for doing the difficult, but rewarding work of teaching kids. I wanted a solution controlled by local schools, and school boards instead of centering power in Salem. Everyone knows that local schools and school boards know their teachers better than we do. It’s important for them to be able to reward their best teachers.”

Representative Mike Nearman is in his first term as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives. In the 2015 Legislative Session he served on Consumer Protection & Government Effectiveness, Higher Education, Innovation & Workforce Development as well as the Ways & Means Subcommittees on Public Safety and Transportation & Economic Development and Information Technology. He represents House District 23 which covers four counties and the cities of Adair Village, Amity, Dallas, Dayton, Jefferson, Monroe, and Willamina.

  • Bob Clark

    Go school choice. It’s happening in other states with increasing frequency, as a sign of its robustness over the old bricks and mortar union dominated student captive government monopoly system.

    • brute canal

      Way back when FDR was POTUS, he warned collective bargaining by public employees was NOT seen as an overall good for U.S.
      Avast, stormy warnings ignored, then as now continue unabated until Vlad, the govermentium pay lord declares bankruptcy and what’s left along the Payroll Way can be recycled into Spartacus pay scandal’s.

  • Constitution Warrior

    Hmmm Thought Rep Nearman was going to introduce legislation lowering the Age requirement to carry a Concealed Firearm in Oregon from 21 to 18 so adults could protect themselves unlike those at UCC