Poll: Should corporate political contributions be limited?

When asked whether corporate donations to political candidates should be limited, Oregonians were pretty well split, but the majority still sided with limitations.

Yes: 518, 55%
No : 417, 45%
Total Respondents: 935

But, would these limitations give incumbents an even greater advantage to financing their campaigns?

Incumbents already appear to have a huge advantage with PAC dollars, so would restraining contributions from corporations and individuals tip the scales even further? Take for example the 2010 Primary Election campaigns of Democrat incumbent Ron Wyden and Republican newcomer to politics, Jim Huffman. As of 4-28-10 the Center for Responsive Politics reported Jim Huffman had no PAC dollar contributions and Wyden had already received $1.3 million. Heading into the General Election, Huffman will have a big financial hurdle to cross to match those dollars.