Why not increase transparency in the legislative process?

Sen Alan Olsen_thb

Sen. Alan Olsen

Salem, OR – For the fifth time, Senator Alan Olsen (R – Canby) will introduce legislation adding transparency in the amendment process.

“We have a governor who promised more transparency in her administration, but we keep hearing reports about the lack of transparency in Oregon politics,” said Senator Olsen. “Oregonians deserve full accountability and access to the legislative process.”

Public trust in government is lower than ever in the wake of numerous scandals. Currently, when an amendment to a bill is proposed, the name of the sponsor remains secret. There is no way to track who introduces amendments, making it almost impossible for the public to stay informed and engaged in the amendment process.

“It is time to ensure that all public officials are held accountable for their actions, and the first step in holding them accountable is requiring them to take responsibility for their work,” said Senator Olsen. “I have been working on this legislation for years, and I ask, why not? Why not include the name of the sponsor on amendments? Why not increase transparency and accountability in the legislative process? Why not allow for more public engagement? I can’t think of a single good answer to these questions. I have introduced this same bill five times, and I will continue introducing it until it passes. Why not pass it now?”