Lars Larson: Standing up to Kitzhaber

Oregon’s Republican candidate needs to stand up to John Kitzhaber. This guy’s coming back for another bite at the apple and he was a terrible Governor. Oregon only did well because the national economy was doing well.

Guess what he saddled us with? The Oregon Health Plan, a giant drain on the state’s economy. Along with a lot of crazy ideas””cutting back on logging, cutting back on farming, hurting the Klamath farmers and cutting back on fishing, except of course the fly fishing that John likes to do.
Another of his ideas””tear out the dams. And to celebrate those eco-terrorists like Edward Abbey did in his book The Monkey Wrench Gang, which Governor Kitzhaber says is his favorite book.

You bring back more Kitzhaber, you’re going to get less of the real Oregon so many of us love so much.

Make a different choice please.

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