Watch GOP House Minority Leader Mike McLane OWN Oregon Dems!

by NW Spotlight

Great KATU coverage of Republican House Minority Leader Mike McLane (Powell Butte) absolutely owning Oregon Democrats on their abuse of the upcoming legislative short session!

  • Bob Clark

    When Kate Brown was state senator she regularly held her town hall meetings in the SEIU headquarters in southeast Portland. She’s public employee union bought and paid for. Most folks spend about 10 minutes a year thinking about state politics, and so, they know nothing at all about the corrupt concentration of power in this state.

  • Len

    he sure pissed off those two lovers

  • bigbrother3

    Speaker Kotek, how smug and sefl righteous..during a meeting. I would like to ask the representatives when it comes to raising Minimum wage. Have they ever thought of seniors in the state of Oregon. We get no raise.. not this year from Social Security. Even when there is a raise it is wiped out by Medicare. And oh yes, our medical premiums went up higher this year then ever before. My mother used to say. ” the government wants you poor.” And no use blaming just the Republicans. The Demorcrats have been in charge for years. Perhaps way to long.

  • Dave Lister

    I think we should embrace that image of Kotek’s face. Their smugness, elitism and overreach is going to knock them out of power for a generation. Even in Blue Oregon, their failed policies are being recognized.

    Courtney knows this. He has tried to restrain them, but he hasn’t been able.

    • Roger Enout

      Such Brownie buffoons should be placed under arrest and acclimated in an out of state facility where orange jumpsuits are everyday uniform of the day, mfg. license plates.“` Hillary conjoin ’em along with Brad Avakian, too.

    • RocketMan

      Is her name really Kotex, like the maxi pads?

  • thevillageidiot

    why wasn’t the list of attendees made public? or is left to those with questions to find out and from whom. Kate Brown. obviously not the house speaker. she was clueless. at least according to her.

  • RocketMan

    special sessions they speak of, what do they remind me
    of…….Complaint #5 in the Declaration of Independance “He has called
    together legislative bodies in places unuasual, uncomfortable and
    distant from the depository of their public records, for the sole
    purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his standards.”