Tax Alert – Property Tax bill hearing

WatchdogSJR 201 removes property tax caps on homeowners for tax assessment rates
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

This morning the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee will be taking up Senate Joint Resolution 201 which would eliminate the property tax limits on property tax assessment approved by voters with Ballot Measure 50 in 1997. The full details behind Senate Joint Resolution 201 are not clear (because the bill author is anonymous) and will be discussed today in the hearing. It is helpful to note that Oregonians already pay higher property taxes than the national average and that Oregon state and local government already spend more per capita than the national average. So why put homeowners at risk of higher property taxes? The Taxpayer Association will be at the hearing to find out why.
Here is the bill summary for Senate Joint Resolution 201.
Senate Joint Resolution 201 Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution repealing ad valorem property tax assessment provisions created by House Joint Resolution 85 (1997) (Ballot Measure 50 (1997)), requiring ad valorem property taxes to be assessed on real market value of property and directing Legislative Assembly to provide exemption from ad valorem property taxes for owner-occupied principal dwellings and tax lots upon which dwellings are located.

Here is a link to Senate Joint Resolution 201

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  • GObill sizemore

    Democrats are in charge. That automatically means that any attempt to change the rules regulating property taxes will not be revenue neutral but will be a full-fledged attempt at increasing taxes. Fortunately any change has to go before the voters because the current limitations are locked into the state constitution. Here’s the rub, though. In the past, when Democrats wanted to pass something the voters didn’t want, they played dirty with the ballot title and drafted a description of the measure that made voters think they were getting the opposite of what they would really be getting if the measure passed.
    That will almost certainly be their play if they move forward with their plan. The ballot title will be deceptive and they will exempt it from court review so not even the supreme court can make sure it is fair and accurate. If they did not have that strategy in mind, they would not be bringing this resolution forward.

  • Bob Clark

    If anything, Measure 50 taxes property owners too much, as it provides for an almost automatic 3% annual increase in our tax bills through a 3% increase in tax assessed value of home. Inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index is averaging less than 2% these last few years; and it is not likely to be 3% or higher on a sustained basis for the indefinite future. In fact, the Federal Reserve is targeting only 2% inflation; and it is really struggling to stop deflation. This year social security and other retirees linked to the CPI are not receiving any cost of living adjustment in their pensions because inflation has been actually near zero this last year.

    Thanks to Jason and the Taxpayer Association of Oregon for representing us on this matter.

  • thevillageidiot

    And the Battle Cry will be “Its for the children and schools”. as the school budget was under funded by no other than ??? three guesses and the first two don’t count.

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