Revelation this week left Oregon Dems scrambling on min wage hike

Sen. Ted Ferrioli

Sen. Ted Ferrioli

Oregon lawmakers urged to thoroughly vet all major policy bills during ‘short session’

Salem, Ore. – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli released the following statement urging lawmakers to thoroughly vet all major changes to Oregon policy, avoiding unintended negative consequences from the 2016 legislative session:

Tuesday’s assertion by Linn County Commissioner Roger Nyquist that the Oregon Constitution allows counties to not comply with a proposed minimum wage mandate shocked policymakers convinced Oregon needs a higher minimum wage. This major hitch in the minimum wage plan left supporters stunned and scrambling to determine if their plan is enforceable, and if not, how they can compensate local governments for the unfunded mandate.

This sudden hiccup in the majority party’s plans is a symptom of a pervasive disease in the Oregon legislature: Democrat leaders have ambitious goals to pass major new policies in just 35 short days. 35 days is not enough time to consider sweeping changes to the way Oregonians live and do business, from a $5 billion gross receipts tax to a cap and trade model for energy policy.

Senate Republicans are doing everything we can to slow the process down, provide Oregon citizens the chance to be engaged, and prevent unintended consequences resulting from a flawed legislative process. Lack of forethought and limited public involvement produced the failed “Cover Oregon” debacle, harming Oregon families and small businesses. We hope our colleagues will get the message thoroughly vet major changes to Oregon’s key policies until the regular session. Otherwise, we’ll be fixing new messes in 2017.”

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  • Bob Clark

    If it’s unconstitutional the Dems will not pause even a New York minute as they are only interested in this November’s election. If struck down in court later doesn’t really matter because the electorate can’t think much past today let alone who did what one month or more ago.

    • Myke

      Bob, you unfairly generalize the electorate. It’s not so much a failure of memory, as many do suffer, but a problem of selective memory and apathy for the results. They remember the pie in the sky promises, and ignore the scandalous behaviors when the results are less than desirable. And to be certain, surely it is not all of Oregon who falls under the spell of Salem.

      • Roger Enout

        Snore the spiel of the Cuckhold’s nest at the inSalem Asylum academy exacerbated by Nurse Ratchets: Cape Brown, Tiny Cortex and udder Dem femme fettles who jump under patience covers whenever Betsy Johnson comes to audit.

  • Hayzeus Texican

    The Dems have to go. They have become the new fascist party.

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