Lars Larson: Kitzhaber’s favorite solution—a sales tax

I can hardly wait for Governor John Kitzhaber, running for another term, to propose his favorite sales tax.

Democrat John Kitzhaber is the standard bearer in the Governor’s race this year and one of his favorite things to pimp for is a sales tax.

You know it’s been voted down by Oregonians ten different times but that doesn’t stop the good doctor from proposing it again. His latest ammunition will be Monday’s report that the state is now half a billion dollars short of revenue.

All of us knew it would be, although Governor Ted Kulongoski expressed surprise. He said he was surprised to see the revenue forecast was down. Really? Why? Look around at the economy Governor! Open your eyes. People aren’t working. Storefronts are vacant. That’s what happens. When their income is down, the state government’s income is too.

I can’t wait for the Democrats favorite run-again governor to propose another sales tax. Then we can vote both of them down at the same time.

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