Lars Larson: Kitzhaber’s favorite solution—a sales tax

I can hardly wait for Governor John Kitzhaber, running for another term, to propose his favorite sales tax.

Democrat John Kitzhaber is the standard bearer in the Governor’s race this year and one of his favorite things to pimp for is a sales tax.

You know it’s been voted down by Oregonians ten different times but that doesn’t stop the good doctor from proposing it again. His latest ammunition will be Monday’s report that the state is now half a billion dollars short of revenue.

All of us knew it would be, although Governor Ted Kulongoski expressed surprise. He said he was surprised to see the revenue forecast was down. Really? Why? Look around at the economy Governor! Open your eyes. People aren’t working. Storefronts are vacant. That’s what happens. When their income is down, the state government’s income is too.

I can’t wait for the Democrats favorite run-again governor to propose another sales tax. Then we can vote both of them down at the same time.

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  • Anonymous

    Kitzhaber is a “pimp” for a sales tax?

    What a classy guy you are, Lars.

    With your help, he might win a third term!

  • Mac

    I see some of the Kitz stable got first comment. This election is going to get real ugly. We have this mob of entitlement “Me First” socialists that own the pimps and could care less about destroying the State, “One neighbor at a time”. This is going to play out like a darker version of Twilight, where the blood suckers have there way until Greece comes to bail them out.

    • Ron Marquez

      The fact that early polling shows Dudley nearly even with Kitzhaber is encouraging. If that continues after the pro Kitz union messages hit the airwaves, then I’ll start to believe that there is real hope for a Republican governor.

      Multnomah Couty voters are 77% registered Democrat, Dudley’s message must resonate here for Republicans to win in November.

  • Bob Clark

    I see Kulongowski is seeking to increase state employee contributions to their healthcare. Dudley proposed doing this in this in the Republican primary. So, the Dems are already trying to take the edge off Dudley’s campaign.

    Both California and Washinton are lifting their various taxes. If Oregon could hold the line on its tax rates, it might have a good chance of attracting new business and new tax payers immigrating out of woeful California. This counter strategy could be sped by deregulating land use laws. Long odds, but this is what Republicans could offer as a diverse strategy.

    • Steve Plunk

      I see your point Bob but I’m tired of needing a reason to not raise taxes. How about them needing a good reason to raise them besides a budget shortfall? They just waste it when they get it and why do they assume a right to what is ours to begin with? Taxes at the levels we see today have lost all moral justification. This is the taking of someones property in order to enrich others. We enrich public employees, the politically connected, and the politicians themselves. It’s time to realize tax cuts and smaller government is the right thing to do.

      • Ron Marquez

        …..”It’s time to realize tax cuts and smaller government is the right thing to do.”…..

        It certainly won’t happen with Kitzhaber and I see nothing on Dudley’s website other than…..

        “Slow growth in state spending, control demand for new taxes, strengthen savings for rainy day, rebuild public trust in government.”

        All good things for sure and if he gets elected, we’ll all be behind him 100%.

        But I think anyone with a pulse knows it won’t happen until Oregon gets their own Chris Christie. No guarantee of success then but at least the taxpayer will have a real champion in their corner.

        • Bronch O’Humphrey

          So Dudley is our Chris Christie? I think not.

          Christie’s appeal is in his candor and passion, a smart guy who speaks directly and says what he means.

          I have yet to hear Dudley give anything more than scripted talking points and vague platitudes to the private sector and “The Comeback,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

          • Ron Marquez


            Can you point out where I said Chris Dudley is our Chris Christie ? I think not as I said everything but that.

            I’m in agreement with the rest of your post.

          • valley p

            Chris Christie has been in office a few months. He won election against a very unpopular sitting governor. Time will tell whether he is successful or a flash in the proverbial pan.

            But, at least he had some experience in government before he ran to run it. Dudley is way ahead of himself.

      • a retired professor

        We should begin by ending subsidies to state universities and charging the students — like your esteemed son — full private school tuition.

        • real retired professor

          Nah, both candidates are running on spending more on higher education — I guess they’re going to get the money from all the dough they’re going to get by cutting taxes — no, cutting K-12 — no, they’re not going to do that either — I guess they’ll just have to explain it.

        • Steve Plunk

          Retired professor,

          There is a general rule among gentlemen in politics and political discussion that children are off limits. Bring up my son again and we will have to have a private conversation. That’s what happens when you make it personal in such a manner. Using the adjective ‘esteemed’ made it clear you are trying to insult me or him since you don’t know him.

          Now how about response that actually takes some thinking? Debate my points like a grownup.

          • Ron Marquez

            …..”like your esteemed son”…..

            Steve, the professor took a cheap shot. Glad to see you stand up for your son and many others who would likely fall into the professor’s “esteemed son” category.

            Can hear your cajones banging together clear up here in Aloha. Good job !!

        • a student

          What are you two, old pals or something?

          Whatever. The prof is right about tuition. Increases were just announced — connected with lagging state support and rising enrollment. Tuition and fees up 6.0% at UO, OSU, PSU. Up 5.2% at SOU. Tell me I shouldn’t complain. I’m not, really. Tell them they should cut costs, they’ll tell you (me) they’re already low-cost providers.

          If the state eliminated all support for higher education, it would cost the schools at least $4000/yr per student (in-state). Then a whopping tuition increase will follow. Is that what you guys — prof, Plunk, Marquez — are planning?

  • Bob

    Allen Alley could have beaten Kitz. Get ready for round three of the good Doctor… Chris Dudley and his teleprompter don’t stand a chance. “Tax bad, business good” only goes so far.

  • “”

    To ERR may be human, but to ER with Kitzhaber absolutely Michael Moore insane.

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