State School Race Still Open. Mauer has a chance.

By Bob Tiernan
State Republican Chair,

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, we are reminded of the heroic efforts of countless men and women who have fought and died to guard the liberties that we cherish here in America. We should take this opportunity to reflect on this, and thank our family members, friends, and neighbors who have served in the armed forces to keep our country free.

One way to express your patriotism is to ensure that your voice was heard in the Primary Election. Ron Maurer is a Republican State Representative running for the non-partisan position of Superintendent of Public Education and his election is within reach! His opponent holds a majority of just 00.04% — or 307 votes statewide — and every vote counts.

If you cast your ballot in the Primary election and then received notification from your county elections office that the signature on your ballot did not match the signature on file, you should contact your county elections office immediately to ensure your vote is counted and your voice is heard. Signature mismatches do not occur frequently — but if you received notification that your signature did not match, you have until the close of business on Friday, May 28th (tomorrow!) to contact your county elections office and correct the matter.YOUR VOTE COUNTS — AND COULD ALTER THE STATEWIDE ELECTION FOR SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC EDUCATION!

Oregon’s public school system is one of the worst in the nation, ranking 43rd out of 50 states in educational performance. Oregon finished 7th from the bottom in the Pres. Obama’s highly touted “Race to the Top” competition for special additional federal funds aimed at rewarding education performance and innovation. In fact, just 66% of young people entering Oregon public high schools graduate on time! This means that one-third of the students either drop out or are stuck with struggling GED or alternative degree programs. Now it’s time for Oregonians to return responsible leadership to the office of Superintendent of Public Education.
Click Here for the contact information for your county elections office.
Thank you for taking the time to make a difference.

Bob Tiernan,
ORP Chairman

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  • Anonymous

    Is Castillo below 50% for a run off?

  • Bob Clark

    I think the 307 votes is the excess over 50% of all votes, which is the number needed by either candidate to win without having to compete all over in the November general election.

  • rural resident

    Shouldn’t there be an automatic recount with a margin of only 307? There were over 700K votes cast, so this is less than the 2/10 of 1% threshold.

  • Dan

    A little late to the party, eh Bob? Too bad you had to wait until AFTER the election to promote Maurer. A few thousand might have made a big difference and might well have given us what we critically need…a state-wide elected Republican. Guess you were too busy crapping on our reputation by letting your little drama with the ORP finances play out in the media. Jackass.

    • The Dan Correcter

      Well Dan, guess you can’t read and/or don’t have regular access to the internet. The Oregon Republican Party and its local county organizations have been promoting Republican Rep. Ron Maurer to Republicans via their websites, email, printed newsletters, GOP-hosted candidate events, and more. Sorry you missed all that! While you’re at it, how about chronicling all the things you did over the past 3 months to help elect Ron Maurer?

      By the way, any careful reading of the “ORP finances drama” as you referred to it, shows clearly that Tiernan didn’t bring this drama into the public domain. It was someone else that “crapped” on the ORP’s reputation while Tiernan was actually solving the issue.

      So, try getting your information correct first in future, Jackass!

      • Coyote

        Actually Corrector you are not entirely, well… Correct.

        Tiernan was not “actually trying to solve” the issue regarding the finances. He was actively avoiding the issue and the documentation on that is pretty over-whelming.

        In fact if it had not “hit the fan” as it did there is little doubt that Tiernan would still be dragging his feet on repaying party debts. And probably shifting blame.

        It took the threat of a lawsuit by a world war 2 hero to finally get Tiernan off of is pah-tootie.

  • Eye on Kate

    Anyone notice that, despite votes being counted in counties all over the state, the Sec of State Elections website shows the same numbers for the Maurer race since Tuesday evening? Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday Castillo’s vote total was dropping by a couple hundred votes a day. Then, all of the sudden, it stopped. Is Kate Brown trying to hide Castillo’s dwindling vote total until its too late for folks update their signatures and Memorial Day arrives? Here’s the link to the vote total for this race

    • rural resident

      I was on the SOS web site about an hour before your post, and the latest numbers they showed were as of May 27 (Thursday). I’m not sure how the numbers could be much more current than those reported by the counties as of that date.

      You’re ascribing bad motives to people where none exist.

  • Rick Hickey

    Mr. Ron Maurer could have easily gotten much more free press/publicity and would have won over 1,000’s more voters, IF he had listened to me.

    But he didn’t and so hundreds of thousands of kids in our schools will continue to lack a quality education. And we are all stuck paying a huge bill to cover that.

    And he may no longer hold any elected position, which stinks because he is a good guy overall.

  • Dan

    Gosh, Rick Hickey! You are a hero. IF ONLY people would listen to YOU! We could all learn a valuable lesson…we should ALL consult Rick Hickey if we want to WIN.

    Oh…and I’m so thankful “The Dan Corrector” was here to set me straight on all the stuff the ORP did to promote Maurer…which took absolutely no effort or money. So, Great Corrector…give me a dollar figure. How much money did the ORP send to Maurer? You know…the State Party. How much did they give. Not freebie crap. Not in-kind. How much cash to help move his campaign forward?

    Pretty sure that’s a negatory, GC.

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