Media quotes showing Dems completely missing budget crisis

By House Republicans,

Democrat leaders ignored economic reality in Oregon”¦

“Our economy is holding steady.”
(Rep. Dave Hunt quoted in House Dems, Republicans, point fingers over state job losses, Britten Chase, PolitickerOR, 7/8/2008)

“I believe that Oregon’s economy is on the right track.”
(Gov. Ted Kulongoski quoted in Governor Optimistic About Economy, Sara Skidmore, the Associated Press, 3/22/2008)

“While the rest of the country wrings its hands over the stumbling economy, Gov. Ted Kulongoski cracks a “˜What, me worry?’ grin. Oregon, he says, will be spared the brunt of the downturn and should be back on pace for modest growth within a year.”
(Kulongoski Predicts Economic Growth for Oregon, Harry Esteve, The Oregonian, 3/21/2008

“Democrats”¦patted themselves on the back for what Rep. Phil Barnhart of Eugene called prudent fiscal stewardship and economic diversification, which, he said, has helped Oregon escape the pitfalls of other states.”

(Oregon Revenue Forecast: State Income Steady, Kickers Not in the cards, the Associated Press, Julia Silverman, 5/29/2008)

“¦and passed an unsustainable budget backed by massive increases in taxes, fees and debt.
“Despite the hard times, lawmakers approved more than $1 billion in new taxes, vastly expanded health care programs and signed off on some of the most expensive transportation and capital construction plans in state history.”
(Oregon’s 2009 session ends with trail of big taxes, Ann Ereline, The Oregonian, 6/29/2009)

“The 2009-11 total budget represents a 15.9% increase over the 2007-09 biennium’s legislatively approved total budget of $51.5 billion.”
(Budget Highlights, Legislative Fiscal Office, March 2010 link)

“The legislatively approved budget (LAB) for the 2009-11 biennium, as adjusted during the February 2010 special session and including authorized executive branch administrative actions, is $59.6 billion total funds, an increase of $3.7 billion from the 2009-11 adopted budget, or growth of 6.6%.”
(Budget Highlights, Legislative Fiscal Office, March 2010 link)

Now Democrats are planning to cut education, public safety even more”¦
“In the state’s largest budget category, aid to elementary and secondary education, the cuts would total $237 million, Kulongoski said. That would wipe out an extra $200 million the Legislature gave the schools in February.

“In the short term, the governor and legislative leaders said higher education should have enough in reserve to cope with the cuts ordered Tuesday, and cuts in public safety may come hardest.”
(State to cut budget by 9%, Tim Fought, Associated Press, 5/26/2010)

“¦while allowing pay raises to state employees.
“The proposal [to freeze state employee wages rather than grant raises] got an immediate negative response from the union that represents prison guards and some other state workers.

“˜We are not interested in reopening our contract,’ said Ken Allen, director of Oregon’s American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees.”
(Oregon faces $563 million budget hole, Governor promises layoffs, Harry Esteve, The Oregonian, 5/25/2010)

Rather than prioritize spending like we should”¦
“If we do not fundamentally change the services we provide and how they are delivered, the state will not be able to meet its responsibilities to our citizens. Priorities must be re-examined in order to continue to support our schools, help families in need and keep our communities safe.”
(Governor Kulongoski quoted in a press release, Governor Kulongoski receives update from Reset Cabinet, Office of the Governor, 5/20/2010,)

“We conclude that the state will face a decade of deficits if it tries to sustain the type and scope of services it now provides. Business-as-usual budgets will no longer suffice. Current services, as currently structured, will be unsustainable.”
(Update from the Governor’s Reset Cabinet, May 2010,)

Maybe now Democrats will pay attention to reality instead of “˜wishful thinking’.
“We cannot rely on federal assistance to put Oregon on a sound fiscal path, just as we cannot afford to engage in wishful thinking about future revenues.”
(Remarks by Governor Kulongoski at June Revenue forecast press conference, 5/25/2010,)