Oregon Legislators Raised the Minimum Wage; Students Lose Their Jobs

CascadeNewLogoBy Kathryn Hickok

Oregon’s three-tiered minimum wage law was just signed by Governor Kate Brown on March 2, but it’s already set to cost Oregon university students their campus jobs. The Oregonian reports that Oregon’s public universities are now calculating how the wage increases will affect their budgets for student workers.

Most college jobs paying the current minimum wage are not part of the federally funded work-study program; student workers are hired by the universities, which pay them hourly. According to The Oregonian, “Oregon’s new minimum could put more money in some students’ pockets, but it will more likely lead administrations to either cut back on the number of students they hire or the number of hours they’re allowed to work.”

The new wage law goes into full effect over seven years, and Oregon is divided into three wage regions, so the cost increases will compound over time and affect colleges differently depending on where they are located. A spokesman for Oregon State University says OSU may need to cut up to 700 student worker positions by 2019, which is about a nine-percent reduction in student employment.

Until legislators understand that income cannot be generated by state mandate, minimum wage increases will continue to hurt workers they’re thought to help, including first-time job-seekers, workers with less experience, and college students just trying to get a part-time campus job.

Kathryn Hickok is Publications Director at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research organization.

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  • thevillageidiot

    whenever the price of a good is increased less is demanded.

    • conservatively speaking

      Write on!

    • MrBill

      Yep, particularly when the good in question is fast food. How many Big Macs does anyone really need?

      • thevillageidiot

        you think this only affects big macs?

        • MrBill

          It affects lots of thing including union wages since they base their negotiations on min. wage + 40%. Min. wage goes up-their wages go right up with it. It wouldn’t surprise me if this had strong union support.

          • thevillageidiot

            it did. It is the pay back for political contributions.

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  • DavidAppell

    So, in fact, the headline of this article is a lie, as the article cites on one who has actually lost a job because of this legislation.

    • Jacque Benne’

      To wit, Roberto Rosemary upnotes your sage grousing.

      • DavidAppell

        I like when all they can do is mutter in reply.

        • Jacque Benne’

          Ann Robert drools whenever savoring your ardor.

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