Poll: Dudley beats Kitzhaber, Wyden up 13%

Latest Survey Survey USA poll shows

Oregon Governor
Dudley 47%
Kitzhaber 40%
Wilson 6%
Undecided 7%

Oregon Senate
Wyden 51%
Huffman 38%
Delphine 4%

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  • Bob Clark

    No change in the Huffman Wyden spread. Need to push Wyden to debate Huffman. 10 4 over and out.

  • Ron Marquez

    The union campaign for Kitz has yet to kick in. Stay tuned…..the media barrage from both sides will be staggering.

  • skippy

    Portland Metro will go all in for Kitz.

  • a retired professor

    Wonder why Dudley has surged. Not much election activity yet. The only news — significant item — is the latest state budget shortfall.

    Will be waiting to see if either candidate really talks about dealing with Oregon’s problems.

    Interesting that two Ivy League types are the candidates.

  • Scatcat

    Dudley has a chace appreace plus Kitzhaber fatuge.
    Go Jerry Wilson
    Huffman’s campaign is DOA. If your not leading the polls in Oregon as a Republican your going to bleed.

  • valley p

    Its clearly due to Dudleys grasp of the issues, proven track record and comprehensive program to fix everything that is broken. Hope springs eternal.

    • a retired professor

      “Its clearly due to Dudleys grasp of the issues, proven track record and comprehensive program to fix everything that is broken.”

      Just replace “Dudley” with “Kitzhaber” and I think you’ll be on to something.

  • Rick Hickey

    Reminder; Sen. Ron Wyden HATES American workers and supports Mexican drug cartels! His votes against border security two weeks ago proves it. And if more Oregonians knew this, his numbers would go down for re-election.

    and with Teen unemployment at record highs, he obviously Hates american children as well.

    The Dept. of Homeland Sesucrity reports that over 100,000 Illegal aliens fled AZ. after their E-Verfiy law went into effect a couple of years ago and even more are leaving now. WE need that to happen here!

    and Ron Wyden keeps voting for Illeglal Job thieves/drug cartels/human smugglers/S.S.# thefts and some of YOU let him get away with this?!

    Mr. Huffman, if E-Verify did that here and would, our unemployment rate would be cut dramtically and tax revenue (from americans now working), with NO new taxes enacted, would increase substantially. Why aren’t the Republicans of AZ, MO, GA, UT and other states NOT afraid of the open border groups and actually support the rule of law, but are silent here? Because illegal’s can vote here?

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I don’t know this poll so I really can’t say what its reliability is. If it was Rasmussen, I would say Dudley would need to be up at a bare minimum of 10 to beat Kitzhaber in the election. Kitzhaber is a good campaigner and, rightly or wrongly, I do not think the public has as bad an impression of him as some here think.

    That said, I that generally Oregonians do not give a pass to democrats, in terms of the governorship, on Oregon’s horrendous economic situation. We have had eight years of a governor who was insistent that waving his hands and saying “green jobs” would be the magic “abracadabra that would fix our economy. No one wants more of that. Kitzhaber is not an idiot, Ted is, and people if they don’t know that will see it in the campaign. Kitzhaber did get the OHP passed, and whether you like it or not, it does show he is a capable man. That was no small achievement, and people might look at that and see a doer who can fix things. They also might see a guy who is a doer who really wants to raise taxes.

    No one out there seriously thinks that there is any magic solution that one candidate has that will suddenly fix things. This election will be about the general direction of the state economically. In that regard it is hard to see voters fired up about more of the same, which is what a vote for Kitzhaber would be.

    Some constituencies obviously like the direction things are going. If you are in the government sector of the work force you have been insulated from the economy more than those in the private sector. Therefore things going in the same direction probably isn’t a bad thing for you. If you are in the private sector, especially a business owner, you probably are less enthused.

    Frankly the commenter above is right, the ad campaigns have not kicked in yet. Once they do, I would expect to see Dudleys lead shrink quite a bit. At this stage, unless this poll is very biased, Dudley has a chance, but seven points isn’t the kind of spread he will need to overcome the OEA’s “kids will die” campaign.

    • valley p

      “No one wants more of that.”

      I think you need to get our more. There is a lot of support in Oregon and nationally for green jobs. There will be even more by the time the gulf oil spill mess is accounted for.

      “If you are in the government sector of the work force you have been insulated from the economy more than those in the private sector.”

      A gross generalization. A lot of public sector workers have been laid off, particularly those funded by planning and building permit fees, but also teachers, park workers, and many others. Those still working have had wage freezes and unpaid furloughs. Some private sector workers have seen no effects, For example, even in a recession people buy the same amount of groceries. Most of those who lost their jobs were in construction and or manufacturing. Most other private industries have not lost net jobs.

      And by the way Rupert, according to economic reports profits are way up and businesses are sitting on a lot of cash right now. What they lack is customers. Cutting more jobs, whether private or public sector, is not going to create more customers.

      “Dudley has a chance, but seven points isn’t the kind of spread he will need to overcome the OEA’s “kids will die” campaign. ”

      Well since Dudley is FOR increasing spending on education (although he has not identified a funding source,) the OEA will have its work cut out. Kitzhaber is actually more realistic about this issue.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Yep, ok, well, you have to be a real idiot try and take this tack. When the only sector of significant job growth is government, and every business owner just took a pay cut, to try and maintain the average government worker hasn’t felt the recession less than the average private sector worker is really idiotic.

        You have outdone your usual boobishness with this one.

        • valley p

          Lets add it up Rupert. Today you have called me an idiot 3 times and a boob once. The one thing you haven’t done is manage to refute anything I said. Public sector workers have been laid off, they have had their pay frozen and their incomes cut. These are facts not in dispute. Some, perhaps many private sector workers are doing fine, yours truly among them.

          Every business owner did not take a pay cut. Many if not most businesses are quite profitable right now and cash reserves are way up. Maybe yours is in the tank, but don’t assume that is true all over.

  • Anonymous

    who is Jerry Wilson and where is his 6% coming from?

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