• Anonymous

    Typical democrat

    • Colleen

      I must have missed the Fox News disclaimer. Interesting accusation. Must be that if you are the only news outlet doing any kind of investigative questioning you gotta be Fox.

  • valley p

    Eerie to watch? Why? if the blurry faced kid really was a “college student”, why didn’t he say who he was and what college he was from? This game of sticking cameras in people’s faces trying to get gotcha moments for Fox News is getting a little tiresome. The kid is lucky he didn’t get a knuckle sandwich.

    How about asking the Congressman for an interview and asking if this can be taped?

    • Anonymous

      “The kid is lucky he didn’t get a knuckle sandwich.”

      The kid is lucky? The old man is lucky! I agree with you that the tactics employed by this kid and others are obnoxious, but the congressman was so far out of line that it’s not even worth arguing about it. Who the hell does that guy think he is? Where would he get the idea that grabbing someone like that is in any way an appropriate response? What a dick!

    • Steve Plunk

      valley p, I can’t believe you are defending this. The kid didn’t touch the congressman yet was immediately slapped and grabbed. It is not illegal to ask questions or to use a camera so how can you justify your defense? If the kid had slapped the congressman he would be in jail and the congressman knew it so he acted like a bully.

      Blame 60 minutes, not Fox, if you don’t like this type of thing, they pioneered gotcha journalism. It seems the liberals are all for it when the target is a businessman.

      So it seems you advocate violence in response to political acts that are within the law. Not logical, not reasonable, and not very smart. It’s pathetic the way Lefties will defend such behavior.

      • valley p

        Well, if that little twit stuck a mike and a camera in my face while I’m walking down the street and then refused to say who he was or where he was from after I ask him, then he might have gotten more than a shove and a bear hug from me. Its not illegal to be an obnoxious twit, I grant you that. Nevertheless, if you confront the wrong person at the wrong time then you might get more than you came for. In Chicago we used to call it talking when you should have been listening.No charge for the lesson.

        I don’t watch 60 minutes or Fox, but normal journalistic protocol is to call or write and ask for an interview from a public figure first. I believe 60 minutes follows this approach. At least they used to. If they get stonewalled, then try a different tactic. As for liberals, I don’t speak for them as a group. I prefer investigative journalism that actually investigates something rather than simply goes for the heavily edited camera bite. A good journalist hands people enough rope to hang themselves, and then politely records the event. This kid was apparently not a journalist, and not a college student. He was out to make mischief. He got a reaction he didn’t anticipate. Get over it.

        No, I don’t advocate violence except in self defense. What I saw in the video is hardly “violence.” It is an over reaction to a provocation. The Congressman apologized (I wouldn’t have bothered). No one got hurt (someone might have).

        And don’t give me the self righteous “lefties” bit Steve. “Righties” advocate violence, up to and including torture and bombing Iran. In the good old days righties poked fun at we lefties for being peacenicks.Now we are overly violence prone? Too quick on the trigger? What a joke. The right wing is now a bunch of street protesters (tea party,) who love peace and think oil companies should be better regulated. Alice in Wonderland lives.

        • Steve Plunk

          Tough guys from Chicago may be able to rough up college kids but sitting congressmen should know better.

          You’re back tracking pretty quick here. You blame Fox news then say you don’t watch it. You don’t advocate violence but warn you’ll get physical if some one stuck a camera in your face (a legal thing to do and it wasn’t in the congressman’s face). Face the music, you’re trying to defend the indefensible.

          The liberal Left is losing credibility daily.

          • valley p

            Ask yourself (or don’t) one thing. If this guy was a conservative republican congressman, and the so called student reporter a liberal, would this non event even be posted on Catalyst? Would you or any other conservative give a rip? I didn’t think so.

            Faux outrage over non events is a new discovery for conservatives, just like engaging in street theater, conspiracy theories, and self-pitying. These used to be activities “the left” was associated with, particularly during the Reagan years. I am more than glad to hand them all off to you. They are acts of frustration and desperation by the powerless. So if you want to spend your time and energy being outraged over this clip, well far be it from me to deprive you of that small pleasure Steve.

          • Steve Plunk

            I would criticize anyone for behavior like what I saw. Conservative, liberal, whatever. You should too. My outrage is for those who see themselves as better than the rest of us and more often than not that’s the privileged government class. Politicians and bureaucrats both accumulate power and then abuse it. My outrage is far from faux, it’s real.

            BTW, I can’t believe your going back to the Reagan years to try and make a point. Move on.

          • valley p

            Its called history Steve. Those who ignore it are bound to repeat it. You are proving my point.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    The congressman was a jackass as is obvious from the video. It is hardly gotcha journalism to ask a congressman if he supports the agenda of a president of either party, especially his own.

    The interesting thing here is the congressman’s reaction to the simple question.

    Why is he is instantly antagonistic? Not exactly the reaction one would give if one felt one was supporting a popular agenda.

    Recent elections have been rough on Democrats. If Obama is in your corner, it’s a bad omen as those he has campaigned for can testify. Could it be that the congressman knows how the Obama agenda is loathed?

    Of course. If an agenda is popular one would want to be on record as supporting it. Especially so during primary season with a tough election coming up.

    Conclusion – When asking if you support the presidents agenda is considered gotcha journalism, thats a comment on the agenda and the little faith supporters have of its popularity, not the reporter.

    We also now know Congressman Etheridge’s district does not lie within the Upper West Side or Berkley. Unless you live in those places, you want to be as far from Obama as you can.

    That is unless you are a lousy golfer and are looking for a T time with an equally matched partner.

    • valley p

      “Why is he is instantly antagonistic?”

      How do you know he was? How do you know you are not seeing a 30 second clip that was preceded by 15 minutes or even days of stalking?

      “Recent elections have been rough on Democrats. ”

      Really? Which ones? Winning Murtha’s old seat even though the Republican was favored? Winning M 66 and 67? Winning both houses and the presidency? Republicans nominating a nut case for Senate in Nevada who wants to abolish Medicare and SSI, giving Harry Reid a good chance at staying in power? Nominating another nut case in Kentucky who wants to abolish the Civil Rights Act and maybe turning that seat over to Democrats? Yes, this has been really rough. I can hardly watch.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Sorry Dean, I told you on January 20th 2009 what would happen if BO got his way. I knew it then, you are learning it now.

        No one likes what you guys are selling. You know it but wont admit it. I know it and think its hilarious, Most importantly the congressman knows it and it drives him to violence.


        • valley p

          Yes, you have told me a lot of things, including things you never told me.

          “No one likes what you guys are selling.”

          Obama’s most recent approval ratings:
          Gallup: 48%
          ABC/Wa Post: 52%
          CBS: 47%
          CNN: 51%

          So you seem to confuse “no one” with “no one you know.” You are only off by about half of all voters.

          Reagan’s approval ratings at this point in his presidency were about the same, not that facts matter to you.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Yep – well, when you have to try and misdirect to Reagans poll numbers its pretty clear you know where you stand.

            Ok, the Reagan misdirection attempt is really dull, and no one, not even you is buying it.

            I think the thing I love most is when you went all Rambo with the “knuckle sandwich” routine.

            Why is it supposedly peace loving lefties try and go Bronson at the drop of a hat when it suits them?

            Expect to be reminded, and laughed at of course, should you ever bring up all the hand wringing over violence again.

            Until then, lets face it, we all know why this congressman was angry. If he thought BO’s policies were a winning issue, he would have shouted it to the roof tops.

          • valley p

            Misdirect? No Rupert. Its called a reality check. You get overly excited about the daily polls. You think they predict the future. You think you predict the future.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Well, since I very rarely quote polls or even discuss them unless they are the central topic of an article this comment is really stupid.

            Actually considering that you are the one who quoted a poll in this thread its especially inane.

            It’s just two posts up. DO you have no short term memory or what is it with you?

            I mean could you think for three seconds before doing a pop off like this?

          • valley p

            Yes, well my inanity is excused by your prior and much larger inanity stating that, and I quote again, “No one likes what you guys are selling”

            50% of the American people are a lot more than no one.

            “It’s just two posts up. DO you have no short term memory or what is it with you?”

            Um…what can I say? You hoisted yourself on your own petard once again. You must like it up there.

          • Anonymous

            Seems like about half the voters are against you, too… but it’s ok, they are only the stupid ignorant inbred white trash redneck racist misogynist half, right?

          • valley p

            Yes, its about half and half. But I don’t know…you probably know the other half better than me. Is what you claim they are true? I hope not.