Ron Maurer Concedes Oregon Superintendent of Education Election

“Dear Friends, I am concluding my post-election efforts for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Given limited resources, all practical measures were taken to ensure that all of the ballots were counted correctly. The campaign was a fascinating journey.”

“We almost did it in spite of a chorus of naysayers who gave us no chance. There were 700,746 votes cast from 839,284 ballots returned. We earned 347,987 votes (49.66%) and were only 127 votes away from taking this campaign to November.”

“To all of the many people whom I met and that helped with the campaign – Thank You!
To the many people who helped in anonymity (Democrats and Republicans) – Thank You!”

“Oregon’s public school system is facing very serious problems and I hope that they will begin to be addressed. In that vein I wish Superintendent Castillo the best.”

“As for me, I spent all day today at my youngest daughter’s elementary school helping with end-of-year activities. What a great day it was. I will now continue to serve the people of Josephine County and the rest of Oregon until the end of the year as a state representative. My political future is unclear but I am always game for a good adventure. In the mean time, I will pursue other options as my wife continues her studies to complete medical school.”

  • Anonymous

    “Oregon’s public school system is facing very serious problems and I hope that they will begin to be addressed”

    Yeah Castillo will get right on that. She spent the first two terms getting warmed up now she’s ready for a full swing at it.
    Starting with helping John Kitzhaber get elected and other important OEA, I mean school work.

  • Arthur Smejkal

    All I can say is….I’m sure glad my kids are out of school now!!!

  • Jim Ray

    Susan Castillo is as unqualified for her job as barry soetoro is for his.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Is this election really relevant to anything?

    We know what works for schools – more competition for students, either in the form of vouchers charter schools.

    We hardly need a school superintendent to do that. Actually we probably don’t need the position at all.

    Absent competition for students it really doesn’t matter who is superintendent. One person can function as the state paid representative for the teachers unions as well as the next.

    Frankly the best move would be to fire 90% of the admin staff in general, let the schools handle their own affairs and call it good.

  • Don

    Nah, nah nah nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye.

    Your campaign to fool the voters that you were anything but a far right crazy may have gone better than you hoped but it still failed.

  • Anonymous

    What is it with the left in Oregon? You defend perpetual failure of your terrible policies with no more than the lunacy that anything else would be some boogieman takeover.

    The only thing far right about Maurer was his sidtance from the far left loons and unqualified nitiwits running the ODE and State Board of Education.

    It’s obvious you Democrats don’t care about any policies working. You just want to keep control.

  • davidg

    I think the election results for this position portend much more for November than anyone is giving it credit for.

    This was supposed to be a cakewalk for Castillo. Although Ron certainly made an effort to attain visibility, the truth is this position just wasn’t on the radar screen for most people. And yet Maurer got nearly 50% of the vote. A lot of people voted against the incumbent just as a matter of principle.

    I think most of us are missing the significance of this result.

    • Rick Hickey

      Yes David, the fact that Ron came so close is amazing and shows that our drive-by voters at least know that Castillo is a failure. MAYBE the report after report, as recent as Dec. in The Oregonian, proving that her “Bilingual” Ed. programs have a 75% FAILure rate after 5 years in the classroom, did resonate with the public, as I knew it would.

      RON, I’m sorry too see you go and I’m sorry that yet another R ignored my advice and is now again paying the price – another D holds onto their office/power that should NOT be there.

      RON, I PROVED to you that AZ. does Immersion at ONE TENTH the cost, while we waste almost 1/2 BILLION $’s every budget cycle on our programs (aren’t we 1/2 billion $ in the hole? hmmmm).

      RON, I showed you that the U.S. Supreme Court said “YES” to AZ. Immersion Law, after racist far lefties challenge of them not spending enough.

      RON, I showed you official numbers from AZ., and far left states that voted for Immersion – CA. and MA., that many many more Kids are exiting ESL classes much sooner than here.

      RON, I explained that at least suggesting that OR. take a look at Structured English Immersion success in other states would get Voters exicted for some real CHANGE and get you lots of FREE press and therefore name recognition you couldn’t pay for. AND then you would have WON by a landslide.

      NOW Ron (and other R’s) are out of a job/power, all of our KIDS suffer, and our Schools go on to waste precious resources on failed ESL programs.

      Yeah and I’m just a one trick pony and have no clue…Results of this NOV. are in your hands…good luck to all R’s…obviously luck will be needed…too bad really.

      • rural resident

        You’re right, Rick. Aggressive xenophobia would definitely have been the strategy to put Maurer over the top!

  • conservatively speaking

    Politically speaking, Oregon has turned BLUER than neighboring Boise State’s football field and Idaho ought be on the alert to keep the ‘inflection’ from spreading as much as possible.

    Meanwhile, a vital play bent on restoring and Keeping Oregon GREEN is NOT fertilizing with Dem scatology, but simply urination on laboriously liberal paradigms that should have been pinched off before the bloomin’ urge ever became evident.

    That said, alas, here Susan Castillo has been accorded another round of apple cider, when a barrel of hiss’n vinegar is all she’s actually merited. Pity!

  • Michael M.

    I’m curious about what people here thought of Jeff Mapes’s analysis of the numbers. Mauer did well, for a guy running as a Republican alternative to the Democrat in a non-partisan race, in Democratic strongholds like Multnomah County. No, he didn’t win Multnomah, but 39% is pretty impressive in a heavily blue county where Gordon Smith only took 27% of the vote. But his support wasn’t nearly as strong as Smith’s in red counties, even those he won, where Smith racked up considerably bigger margins of victory. So why didn’t Republican strongholds come out more heavily for Mauer? Is is, as Rupert opines above, that Republicans don’t think this position is very important? Other reasons?