Ron Maurer Concedes Oregon Superintendent of Education Election

“Dear Friends, I am concluding my post-election efforts for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Given limited resources, all practical measures were taken to ensure that all of the ballots were counted correctly. The campaign was a fascinating journey.”

“We almost did it in spite of a chorus of naysayers who gave us no chance. There were 700,746 votes cast from 839,284 ballots returned. We earned 347,987 votes (49.66%) and were only 127 votes away from taking this campaign to November.”

“To all of the many people whom I met and that helped with the campaign – Thank You!
To the many people who helped in anonymity (Democrats and Republicans) – Thank You!”

“Oregon’s public school system is facing very serious problems and I hope that they will begin to be addressed. In that vein I wish Superintendent Castillo the best.”

“As for me, I spent all day today at my youngest daughter’s elementary school helping with end-of-year activities. What a great day it was. I will now continue to serve the people of Josephine County and the rest of Oregon until the end of the year as a state representative. My political future is unclear but I am always game for a good adventure. In the mean time, I will pursue other options as my wife continues her studies to complete medical school.”