2 Rulings: Dorothy English upheld, Pot-Gun rights upheld

On the Oregon Supreme Court decision from The Oregonian

“The [Oregon Supreme] court upheld an earlier decision by the Oregon Court of Appeals and ordered Multnomah County to pay English’s estate $1.15 million. The Supreme Court ruled that English had obtained a valid final judgment in the case and that the Multnomah County Circuit judge who heard the original case should have issued a writ of mandamus ordering the county to pay. Attorney Joe Willis said English’s family won’t gain the development rights she sought, but the court’s ruling nonetheless delighted him. ”

On the Appeals Court supporting gun rights for medical marijuana users, in Medford Mail Tribune

The Oregon Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court Wednesday that Sheriff Mike Winters’ denial of a concealed handgun license to a medical marijuana cardholder wasn’t supported by law.Upholding an earlier decision by Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Mark Schiveley, the ruling said Winters did not have grounds to deny Cynthia Willis’ permit in 2008. Winters had argued that the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 was the legal basis of his decision.In its ruling, the Court of Appeals found that Willis complied with state law in her application, and disputed Winters’ federal arguments. “In sum, we are not persuaded that the Sheriff is being forced to violate — or even potentially violate — any federal law by issuing a concealed handgun license pursuant to Oregon’s concealed handgun licensing statutes,” the court ruled.Big victories for property rights, gun rights and medical marijuana rights.