Ballots drop in 15 days for 2016 Oregon Primary

Oregon Ballot

Oregon Ballot

by NW Spotlight

According to the Oregon Secretary of State’s 2016 Elections Calendar, April 27th is the first day to mail ballots to voters – just 15 days from now.

It’s even less time until ballots go to Oregon voters with a mailing address outside Oregon (who are not military or overseas voters) – the first day for that will be April 18th – just 6 days from now. The last day to mail ballots to military and overseas voters was back on April 2nd.

Oregon’s 2016 Primary election is 35 days away – on May 17th. The majority of the voting will take place in the 3 weeks between April 27th and May 17th.

All of Oregon’s voting is by mail. According to the Oregon Secretary of State, “On Nov. 7, 2000, Oregon became the nation’s first all vote-by-mail state.”

If you want to look online at the Oregon Voters Guide, the Military/Overseas Voters’ Guide is already available. It will be available until the complete Online Voters’ Guide is posted the week of April 18th.