Congress Shock Poll: Wu 46%, Corniles 40%

From Bob Moore
Moore Information,

This memo contains results of a telephone survey conducted for the Cornilles for Congress campaign, by Moore Information.
Interviews were conducted May 26-27, 2010 among a representative sample of 300 voters in Oregon C.D. One. The potential
sampling error for a sample of N=300 is plus or minus 6% at the 95% confidence level.

David Wu is vulnerable to a challenge from Rob Cornilles. Cornilles trails Wu only 40-46%, despite the fact that Wu is much
more well known.

– 43% are aware of Cornilles, and 17% are familiar enough with him to have an opinion (15% favorable, 2% unfavorable).
– 96% are aware of Wu and 50% have a favorable and 35% an unfavorable opinion of him.
– 44% believes Wu deserves reelection, while 43% prefer a new person and 13% are undecided.

Voters in District One are disenchanted with the status quo.

– 57% believe the country is off on the wrong track.
– President Obama’s performance numbers are not impressive, 50% approve, while 46% disapprove.

There is more good news, after hearing a series of messages about Cornilles and Wu, Cornilles moves into a 51-37%
lead over Wu.

Bob Moore
Moore Information, Inc.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Wait a second – I am supposed to believe that in Wu’s district 50% approve of Obamas performance and 46% disapprove?

    Ok, the first number I can believe, although frankly it seems a little low.

    But 46% disapproval of Obama ?

    That’s a little hard to believe.

    Actually thats simply impossible to believe.

    When the disapproval numbers for a Democrat president in OR’s first district match the same districts disapproval numbers for America as a country something is awry.

    Therefore I have a hard time believing this poll is an accurate reflection of the true mood of the first district.

    Obama has run up the countries debt more than anyone can comprehend with zero results but a lot more government workers we all have to support. He has paid off union retirement benefits by giving loans to Chrysler when he knew they would discharge them in bankruptcy. Our foreign policy is a disaster, with once allies openly laughing at us at best (France and Germany), acting against us at worst (Turkey). Business is being hammered and our military efforts are being openly mocked by the generals in charge. Obama has stoked the fires of virtual civil war between the Feds and the states, with Louisiana openly calling him incompetent and Arizona being sued. He has encouraged outright mocking of the United states in visits by celebrities (McCartney) and foreign dignitaries (Calderon) like all while Democrats on capitol hilll openly applaud such starlets denigrating the country.

    That sounds to me like an “if I won the lottery” shopping list for the first district. However the poll says 57% believe that adds up to the country being on the wrong track.

    That’s a little bit hard to believe.

    If this poll is accurate then that means every other poll out there is low balling Obamas disapproval numbers. Id be very wary of these numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Cornillas –2% unfavorable).
    That was Carla

  • “”

    The little red Wu-choo train has gone chugging around the bend…back-hauling little save for enough votes to have another 2 year round in Congress, mispoised to receive the mores $upplicated to his office. PIty!

  • stephan Brodhead

    David Wu is in an all out PR blitz right now.

    He submits feel good bills, eventhough he is 2% in bill passage. Then he press releases the bill, in hopes that people will think he is doing something.David Wu has a lot of baggage. Plus he has left his family for Washington DC. He is an errand boy for the Taiwan president and cares more
    about Taiwan than Oregon. When the 2010 deficit numbers come out and the discussion on the 2011 federal budget begins, David Wu will fall for his part in burdening our children with crushing debt. Seeya david Wu………………

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