GOP complaint against Kitzhaber, Senator Courtney

By Oregon Republican Party

Salem, Ore. – This morning, the Oregon Republican Party filed a formal complaint with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission against John Kitzhaber and members of State Senate Democratic leadership for offering to sell access to big contributors to the agenda of the next session of the Oregon Legislative Assembly.“This ‘quid pro quo’ offered by Kitzhaber and the Senate Leadership as part of an exclusive, high-dollar private fundraiser restricted to only 15 participants is an outrage,” Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan said today. “An event, to ‘discuss potential session issues’ according to the invitation distributed by the Senate Democratic Leadership Fund, constitutes an offer to sell influence over the body that makes the laws which govern the rest of us,” Chairman Tiernan continued.

“Kitzhaber, the Democrat nominee for Governor and the Democratic Legislative Leadership are selling donors access to their Party’s legislative agenda. These backroom, closed-door deals are not the kind of openness in government that Oregonians expect of their Governor, or legislative leaders,” Tiernan continued.

“John Kitzhaber and the Senate Democratic Leadership should drop this fundraiser immediately and return any contributions collected. Kitzhaber has practiced backroom, closed-door politics for far too long. He and his legislative pals do not have the best interests of all Oregonians at heart. Kitzhaber should halt his ‘pay for play’ fundraising — or be ready to continue this conversation all the way to Election Day, when voters will cast their say in how our state should be run,” Bob Tiernan, Oregon Republican Party Chairman concluded.

Click here to see the complaint about Kitzhaber’s “pay for play” fundraising.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I have to say I am a little surprised. I thought this kind of control over the legislative agenda was restricted to state employee union reps. The fact that this influence club opens things up to an additional 15 who want to pay for access represents a new spirit of glasnost for the party. That’s a good thing.

    That aside I would expect this sort of thing to be played up heavily in the election. One of the major issues will be government playing to the will of the elites and ignoring the people at large. We saw this with Obama care nationally and locally we saw it with Teds union pay raises in the middle of a recession.

    Expect to see lots of ads regarding this kind of insider game come election time. There will be visuals of smokey back rooms of the 15 paying for accesss to Kitzhaber. Probably lots of ads of Obama accepting huge campaign contributions from BP and then excusing them on safety violations.

    Ours is a time of unbelievable corruption. It is pay to play both nationally and regionally. People see it. They are angry about it. And an event like this is a godsend to Republicans. They better play it up however. This will probably get zero hang time in Tass and Pravda.

    • DagnyT

      Dudley needs YOU writing his ads, Rupert! Not the time for the namby-pamby, pointless crap they’re coming up with.

  • Bad Man

    Have the partisan hacks that write for the BOREGONIAN picked up this item yet? Much less published it? If they don’t, they should be called out on that by one of the Portand TV stations. It will throw a little more egg on their increasingly useless faces.