Lars Larson: Disturbing allegations surrounding Al Gore

There is something deeply disturbing about the allegations surrounding Vice President Al Gore and it’s not just the sexy part.

The documents are out there. Police reports say that a woman has now accused Vice President Al Gore of attempting to sexually assault her in a hotel room almost four year ago.

The woman is professional, with a Bachelor’s Degree from a college. She is professionally licensed to do massages. She went to Vice President Al Gore room, where she says he tried to attack her. She says she was afraid to run because she was afraid of what might happen and what might happen to her career if she made the allegation. So the allegations remain secret.

She can’t sue anymore so money’s not the object. The question is “what about the allegedly creepy behavior of Al Gore and the way that he behaved toward this woman?

Do you suppose he’ll ever answer those questions publicly? Will the police or prosecutors ever pursue him?

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