Voters discover wrong party registration

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

It appears that hundreds of voters have complained to the Secretary of State Office that their ballot contains the wrong party affiliation. We also have heard of complaints. KOIN-TV news did some investigating to shed some light on the issue.

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  • Larry Sparks

    The premise of Kate Brown’s auto voter registration was to enhance the Democratic party with as many as illegal voters as possible. Brown’s corrupt goal is being achieved.

    • Connie Kosuda


      • guess who

        True, it can surely be enhanced and made even more corrupt.

        • Connie Kosuda

          surely, by the repugs.

          • guess who

            This from some one who is unable to read a statement for content and respond in a intelligent manner. Knowing full well the democratic super majority in Oregon politics. Which is strangling our republican form of government.

          • Connie Kosuda

            strangling? my stars, any proof of any of this rubbish, or just your usual infantile hyperbole?

          • Her’ Dressor

            Keep drinking the blue drool-aid Ms Kosuda and and the die-dee-die die cast will be so incumbent, any reentry try back into common sense will be obscene as heresy peroxide.

          • Connie Kosuda

            time to lay off the booze , her.

          • Buzz Sawyurz

            Wake up lil’ Shmoozie Kuda, your vibes are rattling the shelf where your hookah jar collection rides perilously.

          • Connie Kosuda

            shame really / you must pass for a witty , intellectual repug?

          • Buzz Sawyurz

            Duck, your beaver’s really a platform posse’.

          • Alex Alex All in Flea Fromme

            Assenting Tokyo Prosie, Hanoi Janeboree or Nasalry Benghazzi Clinton: Whore’s your favorite – or do ewe supplicate to all their nuptial ramificatons?

  • HBguy

    If you can watch the whole report, you’ll see that it appears the voters made the error or forgot they changed and didn’t realize it until recently. So thought the Sec of State office made an error.
    In effect, this is a non story is gat KOIN aired for some reason, then Oregon Catalyst pinned a sensational headline to if, and apparently hoped the video would give it gravitas but also hoped no one watched it to completion.

    IMO very irresponsible and misleading on Oregon Catalyst part. You are better than this.

    • Ardbeg

      Not the first time KOIN dropped the ball!

      • Hungry Kinsmn for Kelley Day

        OMG, Too munch drooling over their feminized cabal teeming with adoringly recognized dolls – aye, wishing with all the licks attending my eye-brows, butt nevah mind: Jeff Gianola ropes sum, et al, within his’n Italian Sylvester Stallion peerage insight of key of F, impresario FX.

  • 确实不错,这个要实话实说!

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