A thought as we celebrate independence

As we head into the weekend of independence celebrations, I had a thought.

For about the past month, Oregon has been held hostage to the worst kind of fear. That a member of your family could simply disappear and all efforts to find him come to nothing.

The community has put out a super-human effort to find 7-year-old Kyron Horman. Not knowing if he’s lost or kidnapped or murdered or worse.

His biological mother, Desiree Young, made a tearful and personal appeal. She put in her words what a lot of us have been thinking, that the last person to see the little boy needs to cooperate with police and help find him. Instead, Terri Horman, Kyron’s step-mother, has hired a top rate defense attorney to make sure this ends well for her.

Maybe she has no idea the fate of her stepson. Based on the circumstances, I doubt it. Published reports say a half dozen sources in law enforcement find her story doesn’t add up.

So, while it pales by comparison to the words of Kyron’s mother, I’ll second that appeal, “Ms. Horman, please set this community free and tell us what happened to that little boy.”

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