Results on those high stakes write-in races

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

When Senator Doug Whitsett and his wife Rep. Gail Whitsett surprised everyone by resigning their seats mere days after the filing deadline (leaving their chosen successors a free path).   It created a firestorm in the community and among the lobby.   So much that Congressman Greg Walden and House GOP Leader Mike McLane made a rare move to back write-in challengers.

Results of Republican Primary:

Oregon Senate  #28
Dennis Linthicum……. 77.63%  (12,734)
Write-in Votes………….22.37% (3,669)

Oregon House  #56
E Werner Reschke……70.99% (6,185)
Write-in Votes…………29.01% (2,528)

  • HBguy

    Lets see who wins the Independent Party write in.
    Winning the GOP nomination as a write in was never realistic. The real contest will be in November with the GOP Whitsett selected nominees versus the Independent Party write in nominees.
    That will be very interesting.