Taking another look at the unemployment benefits

Maybe we ought to take a second look at those unemployment benefits. Are they too generous?

The Wall Street Journal did the story. A recruiting firm out of Sacramento, California said they needed to find some engineers, six of them. They were offering good money—$60,000 a year.

They approached a number of people on behalf of an Oregon company trying to get those engineers to come to work. Unemployed engineers on unemployment payment said, “I’m not interested right now. I still have unemployment benefits that I haven’t used yet. If it was $80,000 I’d think about it, but for $60,000 I’m not going to quit.

Think about the implications of that. You’ve got people who have chosen to stay on unemployment rather than be gainfully employed. Why? Because we’ve got a government that has gone out of control with, what you might call, generosity.

Two years of unemployment benefits has incentivized some people (not all) to simply say, “I’ll start working again when my unemployment runs out”.

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