President’s choice to head Medicare

The more I hear about President Obama’s choice to head Medicare, the scarier it sounds.

I know we talk a lot about health care, but it’s a big chunk of our economy and now the President has chosen a man to head up Medicare who is downright scary. Why is Dr. Donald Berwick so scary?

He’s the guy who thinks Britain’s National Health Service is something to be admired. In fact, he says he’s virtually “in love” with it. That’s a little bit scary considering that it’s the kind of place health care rationing meets the “death panel” definition that folks made fun of Governor Palin for talking about.

This is a doctor who says 50% of American medicine today is waste.

Now I’m certain there is waste, but some of what this guy is going to call waste is what you and your family call medical treatment. He’s going to say that the government is here to help you stay away from that waste.

That’s not going to be good for America. It’s not going to be good for health care.

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