Oregon suspending licenses

What business is it of Oregon to do a random sampling of who has auto insurance and then suspending licenses?

We did an exploration of a rather odd practice of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Oregon. They send out 52,000 of these surveys every year. They pick them at random.

They send them out and if you don’t send them back they send out a warning. If you don’t respond they will suspend your driver’s license.

Imagine all the reasons you might not respond. Maybe you don’t look through your junk mail well enough.

An awful lot of Oregonians are finding themselves with suspended driver’s licenses which then have to be reinstated. That costs money. In some cases people find their cars being towed. They are being accused of crimes like “driving while suspended”.

It’s a ridiculous program and somebody needs to rescind it and let the DMV know that this is not good customer service and it is not solving any problems.

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