Paying a toll on a freeway we already own

I know the idea sounds kind of absurd, and in fact it is absurd. You’ve already paid for Interstate 5. You pay for it every time you drive up to the gas pumps and diesel pumps.

That freeway is already paid for. Yet, Tim Leavitt, the Mayor of Vancouver, a man I voted for, is now talking about what they call a “corridor toll”.

They can’t stomach the idea of just putting tolls on the I-205 and I-5 bridges. Now they want to charge everyone who wants to drive on the freeways. The problem is the people who drive on those freeways shouldn’t have to pay a toll. They’d be renting space on a freeway they already own and that’s just not right.

There is a solution to this bridge problem. The solution is to build the kind of bridge Minnesota built. Build it quickly. Build is simply. And, let’s leave the federal government and light rail out of it.

That’s the solution and we can pencil that out any day of the week.

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