Sec-of-State Kate Borwn: Her rules vs. Constitution

Oregon SOS Kate Brown: Her “rules” vs. Oregon Constitution
Special message from Bill Post,
1430 KYKN Salem
Bill’s blog here.

Petition 50, the Redistricting Initiative that backers were hoping would be on the November ballot is in serious jeopardy right now. (Here is a story from back in April from the Oregonian that does a good job of explaining the initiative)
The initiative needed 110,358 signatures and election officials say that 125,948 were gathered. Sounds good right? Wrong. As of this writing, the Secretary of State’s office has “disqualified” or thrown out, 12,975 signatures for various reasons.

Now you might think that Kate Brown’s office has good reason and perhaps even Oregon Constitutional law behind her to do this, right? Wrong. The Oregon Constitution mandates that signatures be verified. There is a process for that. What the Constitution does NOT mandate is throwing signatures out! It is silent on that. So, what we have here is a politician, starting with Bill Bradbury and now continued with Kate Brown, changing the game so to speak. If her office does not want an initiative to hit the ballot, she throws out signatures and that’s that.
Here are some examples of reasons for “invalidating” signatures:

– If you put a / through the 0 in the date, it’s invalid.
– If you didn’t put the date as: 06/22/10, it’s invalid.
– If you wrote your spouses name and address and then he or she signed it, it’s invalid.
– If your black pen ran out of ink and you chose another pen, even a black one, it’s invalid.
– If you pressed harder on the “B” or any other part of your petition so that it looks like it’s been “altered”, it’s invalid.

The rule requiring an entire sheet of signatures to be thrown out for one error is not a legitimate exercise and is unfair to the others who are represented on that sheet. It is not Constitutional and it is part of the continual attack on Oregon’s very unique and wonderful initiative petition process.

Do you think the same “due diligence” was given to the “Marijuana Initiative”? Any of the other initiatives that did make the November ballot?

Tyler Smith, attorney for redistricting initiative said that “about 11% were disqualified before the statistical sampling was done”. The process that is mandated by the Oregon Constitution is a statistical process. These 11% were tossed out BEFORE the process.
Mr. Smith is currently filing a lawsuit against Secretary of State Kate Brown and this and the process for this initiative must be completed by August 1st in order for there to be any chance of this initiative to be on the November ballot.

I for one am outraged and if you signed that petition, you should be as outraged as I am and willing to do whatever it takes to stop this blatant abuse of power. I am urging all who read this to call Kate Brown’s office at 503-986-1523 or even better, to visit her office today. Her office is in the State Capitol Building, on the first floor in the East wing. Please let her know that you are not going to allow her and her office to continue to kill your voice by way of disqualifying your signature.

This is why I do my radio show every day. I want nothing more than to tell you the truth of what happens in your State Government and then empower you to do something about it. If that is something that you feel you are not hearing enough of, then I urge you to listen to my radio show every weekday at noon on AM 1430 KYKN or online at You can hear Tyler Smith and I discuss the lawsuit and this issue on my website:, click on “Listen to Latest Show” through 2pm tomorrow and then it will move into the “Podcast” archive at the top of the page.

Kate Brown wants your help on this petition. In a document sent out yesterday, she asks if the petition is “valid”. This comes at the same time as the “disqualifying” of signatures. You don’t think there is a conspiracy here? READ DOCUMENT HERE!

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  • Jim Ray

    Bradbury, Lindback, Brown, they are evil people. Evil!

  • the game is rigged

    Soros’ Secretary of State Project pays dividends for the Ruling Class once again!

  • Ron Marquez

    I don’t like Brown’s tactics but either Democrat or Republican is going to behave in the party’s best interests. Kate’s doing what Dems expect her to do and handing redistricting over to a non-partisan group would risk undoing the gerrymandering Bradbury did. It just isn’t going to happen as long as Kate can legally stop it.

  • Bob Clark

    This particular initiative is a direct assault on the Secretary of State’s powers, and so the best course would have been for the Secretary of State to have outsourced the petition signature review to a big three accounting firm or something of this objective nature. The Secretary of State has too much to lose not to be tempted to be over critical of signatures during the verification process.

    As for Kate Brown, she used to hold her public meetings when Senator at SEIU headquarters. This should tell you all you need to know about her and whose drum she marches to.

    • Jim Ray

      LIS earlier, she’s Evil!

  • Bill Sizemore

    I have been through this process many times and can say unequivocally that the secretary of state cheats routinely and gets away with it routinely, because the courts always routinely let her and will this time, too. What’s ironic is that she will corrupt the process just like Bradbury did and then claim that the process is corrupt. She will be right about the corruption, but wrong about where the it lies.

    Which is worse, a handful of forged signatures that slip through the cracks or ten thousand perfectly good signatures thrown out by the state elections division? I can gurantee you that Kate Brown’s office will sense no guilt whatsoever at disenfranchising all of those voters, simply because they signed a petition Kate Brown doesn’t like.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    If as much verification was put into verifying voter fraud as is put into verifying signatures on Republican ballot initiatives, the Democrats would likely be slightly more of a minority party than the Libertarians.

  • “”

    Little doubt Al Gore could rely on Kate Brown to rub him nicely and remain silent. Hmm, since his mansion is larger than Mahonia Hall…you don’t suppose…

  • valley p

    Whine whine whine. You can’t win at the ballot box, you can’t get enough petition signatures, and you can’t get the courts to agree with you. That is 0 for 3. Maybe time to re-think your program instead of whining about losing.

    • rural resident

      Oh, but valley person, whining is so much more rewarding. It’s so much easier than actually trying to ELECT a Secretary of State, which the Republicans have had several excellent opportunities to do. As I’ve mentioned before, Bradbury never would have been elected had the Republicans chosen common sense over ideological purity a few years ago.

      With 125,948 signatures, an 87.7% acceptance rate would be required for the initiative to qualify. That’s a high barrier. And had there not been so many well-documented, over-the-top instances of initiative petition signature fraud in the recent past, Kate Brown’s office might not tend to be as diligent about inspecting petitions for various violations.

      Of Bill Post’s five reasons for invalidating signatures, only the third one is even partly true, and it usually wouldn’t be interpreted that way. I called the SOS office, and the person with whom I spoke thought Mr. Post’s “reasons” were wildly off base. But, then, as we saw in the last few days with the Breitbart incident, when the truth isn’t convenient, conservatives just create a fiction to advance their argument.

      • The Bill Post Radio Show

        Rural resident: Ya, that’s who I would check my facts with, the SOS office. Ya, that’s a reliable source.
        Say, I called them too and they wouldn’t talk about it, referred me to counsel, so I think you may just be making up your phone call “story”.
        I only listed 5 instances. There are several more. Of course the SOS office has most likely shredded the petitions rejected so we may never know who was telling the truth will we?
        The initiative process is the most unique and wonderful system in America and we have it here in Oregon. When it is thwarted by a career politician, then what’s the point of the system?
        This is very sad and typical of the leadership in the Capitol but don’t worry, her time is about through and there will be new leadership come November.

        • rural resident

          Bill, I’ve been involved in initiative petition drives, and we turned in signatures with all of the “problems” you cited above. We never even came close to having a problem with their being accepted.

          Yes, especially after the ridiculous Sizemore-measure petition craziness, where entire sheets were obviously filled in by the same person, obviously the SOS office is going to be more careful–regardless of the motivations of the petitioners. That’s the price paid for those on the right playing fast and loose with the system.

          But, then, I just don’t see a conspiracy around every corner or behind every tree the way you do. Nobody’s “thwarting” the process, except maybe those who don’t take a few extra minutes to understand the rules or to be careful with the compilations of signatures on the petitions.

          Oh, and if you’re waiting for that “change of leadership” in November–sorry, but you’re going to be disappointed. The Republicans may gain a couple of marginal seats in each chamber, but that’s about it. Chris Dudley isn’t going to be governor. It’s too bad that your party didn’t nominate someone with more gravitas and experience, because I’m sure not looking forward to another four (eight?) years of Kitzhaber and his anti-rural economic policies.

          • The Bill Post Radio Show

            One more thing, valley resident: would you like to see the actual petitions with the sticky notes from the SOS office telling exactly why the petitions were tossed out? Let me know, I’ll be glad to present those to you. That is why I know you are lying about calling the SOS offices and why I know if you did, THEY are lying to you. THEY wrote the reasons themselves and we have them. Good luck on the hope and changey thing, it’s coming to an end soon!

          • eagle eye

            If you really have the evidence you say you have, why not just post it on your website for the world to see?

          • The Bill Post Radio Show

            The evidence is in the offices of the attorneys. I was not allowed by law to take them. You are more than welcome to see them though anytime. Go to the offices of Kevin Mannix and Tyler Smith.
            The sticky notes from the SOS offices are right there on the disqualified petitions, with the reasons. I mean dude, I can’t make this stuff up. There wouldn’t be a lawsuit, with all of the money and time that is involved in that, if there weren’t some assurance of being in the right.

          • rural resident

            “Evidence” such as this can easily be posted to the web from the attorney’s office. I believe they might have a computer or two hooked up to the internet around there. (Though I’m not sure how we would know that the sticky notes were actually placed there by Kate Brown’s office.)

            As for lawsuits, people with little expectation of winning file them all the time. This is even more true with politically-related actions. Getting publicity, trying to “work the umpire” for better future outcomes, and simply attracting attention are only some of the reasons.

            Why would I care to waste my time calling your show? I’ve never even heard of you or your show, so I have no idea what goes on there. However, if it’s like most right-wing talk shows, actual intelligent debate is largely absent. I hope I’m too smart to play your game, on your field, under your rules, with you as the umpire.

          • The Bill Post Radio Show

            Well, I would have given you all the time you would have needed. Too bad libs are always afraid of PUBLIC discourse. They’re great at discussion boards, lead the world in private messaging but as long as their hacks are in power, they will never come out and play in public.
            As for the evidence, I am not the attorney so I can’t post the info on the web, and besides, the weather is nice, why stay in the basement waiting for an ONLINE posting when you could get on your bicycle and ride to their office and see for yourself (on and the sticky notes have the SOS stamp so kind of hard to fake that). C’mon rural resident, tell us who you are! Let’s talk in real time.

          • rural resident

            I can’t ride a bicycle–never learned how. Besides, from 200 miles away, it would be an awfully long ride.

      • The Bill Post Radio Show

        PS: rural resident: I would LOVE for you to call my show today and tell my producer who you are and please feel free to tell your side of this story. We always appreciate the other side joining in, course they never do because it’s so much easier to post your dribble to an anonymous message board.
        Call me at 503-393-1430, noon to one today and let’s chat.

  • Rick Hickey

    Sect. of State for GA. sends letter to over 4,200 people registerted to Vote, requiring valid proof of Citizenship.

    AZ. passes Legislation requiring proof of Citizenship to Vote (Which the 9th circuit agrees with). AZ. Sect. of State checks Voter registrations. In 1st check, over 1/3 of these are thrown out for lack of proper ID.

    MN. after an 18 month investigation, finds enough Illegal Felon votes that not funny Franken would not be there in the Senate otherwise.

    WA. discovery of more than 30 people registered to Vote in one small house.

    OR. – Sect. of State – Kate Brown, has a statement included in the voters’ pamphlet (mailed to every residence) stating that if you do not have proper ID, you cannot vote Federally BUT you can locally, a clear violation of Or.’s Const.
    Supt. of Schools candidate – Ron Maurer, only loses by a few hundred votes, even with little name recog. and little money for campaign. R’s lose statewide office possibility yet again and a much needed improvement via a more qualified leader for our failing and expensive Schools.

    Valley P, Republicans CAN win here, bot not when 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of illegals are Voting here.

    Rick Hickey tells Kevin, Ross, Tyler, Vance, and…other Attorneys, for several years now, to challenge Kate Brown on this to require Voting integrity.
    So R’s have a fair and legal shot at getting elected, Crickets…

    Valley, ps, All “old” and “poor” people have a valid S.S.#, or they could not get their gov’t benefits.

    • valley p

      Rick, there is zero evidence that non citizens are voting in US or Oregon elections. Throwing out registered voters for lack of id is not a sign that they are illegal, only that they lack id, which is common among poor Americans. The Republican problem is that they (you) have managed to alienate every single minority and one majority, namely women. And over time the minority vote is going to increase faster than the white guy vote irrespective of whether some or all currently illegal residents eventually gain citizenship. Trying to win elections by limiting who gets to vote worked in the south for a long time, but it is a bit out of step these days.

      You are on a slippery slope and you keep spreading more grease in front of you. Not a winning strategy. Nor is whining or blustering about it.

      I’d wish you luck, but I’ll wait until you (“conservatives”) grow up first.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >Rick, there is zero evidence that non citizens are voting in US or Oregon elections.

        Hmm,, I would say this takes first place for Deans most stupid pop off of the week.

        This is a statement of astonishing ignorance given that there are fairly regular reports of exactly this sort of voter fraud.

        Actually this is possibly a hall of fame pop off for you – truly a dopey comment.

        • valley p

          “This is a statement of astonishing ignorance given that there are fairly regular reports of exactly this sort of voter fraud.”

          Yeah. “reports from the likes of Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, and Bill O-Reilly. Like I said, *zero evidence* .

          Show me the *evidence* that illegal residents are voting. Don’t tell me about so called reports you don’t even cite.

  • Steve Plunk

    It seems to be the Secretary of State would want to err on the side of the signatures being legitimate. Since this is a petition to place something on the ballot the threshold should be much lower than actual voter registration and votes being cast in an election. By choosing to disenfranchise some voters who have signed legitimately in order to protect against even a small number of invalid signatures the secretary damages the democratic process.

    The ruling class has hated the initiative system for decades. It relieves them of power and crates more work for them to do. Sometimes it’s work that runs against the grain of their political philosophies. The courts should reaffirm the citizen’s constitutional rights of initiative and slap down this injustice.

    • Ron Marquez

      …..”The courts should reaffirm the citizen’s constitutional rights of initiative and slap down this injustice.”…..

      And every person, donkey and elephant, liberal and conservative, knows that will never happen. Sad but true.

  • eagle eye

    I looked at the Oregonian article mentioned by the poster, Post. With all the aspersions cast on Kate Brown’s motives, I didn’t expect to find this:

    “Secretary of State Kate Brown’s office declined comment about Petition 50, which is wise, as she will likely be the one in charge of redistricting next year unless reform comes. As a state lawmaker, Brown supported redistricting reform. “

  • Wendy

    Irony at its finest – Kate Brown DOES know it’s 2010, right??? (Her letter is dated July 20, 2009 – should it be thrown out for having an invalid date????)

    • Anonymous

      No, Wendy, the irony is that Bill Post seems unable to read a date, and has betrayed a complete lack of understanding of the SOS office’s standard operating procedures. Did you even read the document (let alone understand it)? That document was released last year, before the petition (both cover and signature sheets) was circulated, and is a form letter which is issued for every proposed petition.

      Here’s another example:

      • Wendy

        My mistake! I stand corrected – and no, I had not read her letter.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Every notice how the left is perfectly happy with the most flagrant abuse of power just so long as its their own side doing it?

    This is a good example of the totalitarian nature that is inherent on leftest ideology.

    If you look at some of the criteria for invalidating signature, there is no way any reasonable person could support them. However ends justify means with lefties so they say anyone who complains is whining.

    Gee – remember all that concern liberals had about peoples rights? This is a good teaching moment for liberals to learn why they get laughed at when they try and puff up about peoples rights.

    The thing that the left forgets is in this country they are usually the party out of power because frankly no one really likes what they are selling. We went through eight years of the left being outright cry babies under Bush.

    Boo hoo hooo … my rights….Boo hooo….peoples rights….Boo Hooo justice this justice that…..Was the rallying cry for this pathetic group.

    They whined and whined about peoples rights with the eavesdropping on overseas calls, but of course had no problem with it when Obama continued it. The cried like absolute babies about GITMO. That was a laugh.

    I remember the outrage here when I promised them Obama would not close the facility. I can recognize when a liberal is whoring out someone, and the GITMO prisoners were definitely that.

    So liberals will support Kate Brown doing anything, no matter how outrageous because for liberals, the ends justify the means. Its the essential nature of the totalitarian impulse of leftists.

    So asking a liberal to respect the sense of justice the pretend to champion is a losing game. Liberals will endorse the most outrageous abuses of power, and cheer it on in fact, if it helps them. Understanding this is essential to defeating them as it is the main reason people don’t like them.

    Look at the situation nationally.

    What is Obama being defeated on?

    His arrogance – He ran largely against Bush’s spending, and then spent like a maniac on things totally unrelated to anything he inherited – like budget busting health care plan.

    The fact that liberals never gave a damn about Bush’s spending is now on full display – and that is a major factor in what is killing them at the polls.

    Pointing this out – as seems to be the Tea Parties single biggest mission – has been extremely successful in this regard.

    So the lesson here is not to expect Kate Brown to ever act fair – she wont.

    Just keep the absurdity of her decisions on full display and people will become as fed up with her as they are of Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that’s a whole lot of worthless conjecture. Thanks.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >Wow, that’s a whole lot of worthless conjecture. Thanks.

        Obviously it is not conjecture and for two reasons.

        One – I give specific examples to back up my reasoning. Obviously you can’t refute them, thus your weak comment.

        Two – I give specific ways to defeat the liberal approach and why I think it will work, as with the current example nationally with Obama.

        The one thing that is absolutely not conjecture is that you clearly don’t know what the word “conjecture” means. Thus I’s afraid your comment is also pretty weak in that regard as well.

        • Anonymous

          “So liberals will support Kate Brown doing anything, no matter how outrageous because for liberals, the ends justify the means. Its the essential nature of the totalitarian impulse of leftists.”

          So you’ve proven not only that liberals/leftists are totalitarians, but also that all liberals/leftists are utilitarians? What?

          con·jec·ture? ?[kuhn-jek-cher]
          –noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.

          1. the formation or expression of an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence for proof.
          2. an opinion or theory so formed or expressed; guess; speculation.

 is free, Rupert. You should consider using it once in awhile.

          • valley p

            You are confusing conjecture with delusion. Rupert is too delusional to engage in conjecture. He actually believes his opinions are facts, and his evidence is his own self confidence. Fortunately his delusions do not appear to be dangerous to anyone, and in their way are entertaining.

    • valley p

      “This is a good example of the totalitarian nature that is inherent on leftest ideology.”

      Oy vez is mir…not this again. Franco, Pinochet, Samoza, Hitler, Cheney…all leftists? Of course! Its Rupert world!

      “The thing that the left forgets is in this country they are usually the party out of power because frankly no one really likes what they are selling.”

      Funny. I didn’t know “the left” was usually out of power. Last I checked the democrat (left) won more votes than the republican (right) in 4 out of the last 5 national elections, and every governor’s race in Oregon since 1988. Although clearly the “left” is mostly in power because we lie, cheat, commit voter fraud, have Black Panthers intimidating voters, and register dead people. We are ruthless.

      As for what we are selling, it has successfully included: anti child labor, women’s suffrage, civil rights, gay rights, voter rights, minimum wages, Medicare, SSI, the endangered species act, the clean air acts, the clean water acts, public education, the rights of workers to organize, banking regulation, extension of health insurance to all Americans, and a few dozen other minor achievements over the years.

      So ok…the public doesn’t like what we are selling. They have a funny way of showing it, both in Oregon and nationally. Any day now they will wise up and vote for the party that wants to repeal all of the above.

      And what do conservatives have to show for themselves? A lot of debt, 2 failed wars, unfunded mandates, tax cuts for the rich, Sarah Palin for president, and oops we broke the economy. Put us back in power so we can do more of what doesn’t work. Good luck selling that program.

      “What is Obama being defeated on?”

      The answer is, he isn’t being defeated on much of anything….yet. You are counting your chickens again.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >Oy vez is mir…not this again.

        I think I have told you before – your poor use of Yiddish is generally what is referred to as a “tell”.

        >Funny. I didn’t know “the left” was usually out of power.

        Yep, generally in most peoples lifetimes the president has been Republican.

        The US is a fairly center right country and few dispute that. When congress has tried to acceede to the wishes of the left wing looneys, they usually get in trouble. We saw this in ’94 and are seeing similar results now.

        >So ok…the public doesn’t like what we are selling. They have a funny way of showing it,

        Nope – they sure don’t.

        In the middle of a recession the public is angry as hell about you guys spending and co-opting of health care.

        You might live in denial about that, clearly most do not.

        >And what do conservatives have to show for themselves? A lot of debt,

        Uh – sorry Charlie – you guys own the debt for a generation. Please, with Obamas spending you will get only laughter on this one.

        >2 failed wars

        Actually Bush turned Iraq around.

        While your boy is the one who screwed up Afghanistan.

        >unfunded mandates

        Actually Republicans were the only party to try and end this practice with the Contract with America, you guys of course fought it.

        >tax cuts for the rich

        Sure, the rich got tax cuts, but please, dont be a complete idiot – the poor got the biggest tax cut under Bush down from 15% to 10%.

        And you know what? When those tax cuts expire you guys are going to be in real trouble.

        So, I know you don’t know it, but since I know liberals better than you what they will do is all of a sudden start championing tax cuts.

        Want to know why? Because when those tax cuts expire, people will not change their withholding. They expire next year, so right around April all those people will have to fork over a hell of a lot of money at the HR Block in Wal Mart.

        They will blame you guys, and rightly so.

        Personally I dont think that will happen – It would be economic suicide for the country not to renew the Bush tax cuts, and political suicide for the Democrats.

        Prediction – The tax cuts will be renewed with the exception of the cut for the highest bracket.

        Prediction – You will laud the very tax cuts you disparaged under Bush, but because Obama renewed them, they will be golden.

        Predicition – When you start lauding those tax cuts as smart I will make fun of you. You will realize the inherent idiocy of your position and start doing the bad Yiddish “tell”.

        >The answer is, he isn’t being defeated on much of anything….yet.

        True – I probably should have said “what will Obama be defeated on”

        However this is an admission by you that your central prediction at the outset of his presidency was completely wrong.

        At that time you predicted the infamous 40 year Reich of the Democrats, the only thing that could stop it would be Obama blowing it and not getting his agenda through.

        Well, at this point the 40 year Democrat Reich looks hardly plausible.

        Yet if you say he hasn’t been defeated on anything, and he hasn’t, then clearly you were simmply wrong.

        People just don’t like what you guys are selling. You have passed quite a bit of legislation and it has people up in arms.

        I know liberalism and I know people don’t like you guys once they know what you are about – and that, my friend, is what I told you in January 2009.

        • valley p

          Sech a Yiddisha maven you are. Or more like a goy mit bupkes bubbala.

          “In the middle of a recession the public is angry as hell about you guys spending and co-opting of health care.”

          We are not in the “middle” of a recession. We were in the beginning under Bush, then the depths when Obama took office, and hit the middle late last summer. Now we are on our way out. As we get further out “the public” will be happy as hell to have better health care security. Like with medicare, there will be no going back. Kicking kids off insurance will be bad form. People always hate these liberal policies except for after they are in place a few years.

          “the poor got the biggest tax cut under Bush down from 15% to 10%.”

          Yes sure. And if the poor could buy groceries based on this “percent” tax cut, which amounted to peanuts, they would be way ahead of the rich, who got the 5 course prixe fixe dinner version of the tax cut. Unless you think 5% of $1000 amounts to more than 4% of $100,000.

          “you guys own the debt for a generation.”

          yes Rupert, we “own” the debts of Reagan and both Bushes as well as 1 year of an Obama budget. We will have to own it, because so called conservatives will never admit to an ounce of responsibility. Its unfortunate, but we have to deal with reality on our side.

          “Actually Republicans were the only party to try and end this practice ”

          Well that is a selective reading of history. Republicans passed Medicare Part D, the mother of all unfunded mandates. And then they complained loudly and longly about cuts to Medicare the Democrats used to pay for Obamacare. Some chutzpah they have.

          “Actually Bush turned Iraq around. ”

          Yes he sure did. He turned it around from a lost cause to a very expensive (in blood and treasure) and not worth it cause. When is the victory celebration scheduled? I don’t want to miss it.

          “While your boy is the one who screwed up Afghanistan.”

          Yes again. Things were going so darn well before he butted in. Bush and Cheney were on the verge of victory and then Obama ignored his generals and pulled out the troops. Oops. Wait, that was not what happened. He actually gave the generals what they wanted and things have not gone so great. And Republicans are now abandoning ship like rats.

          “Prediction – The tax cuts will be renewed with the exception of the cut for the highest bracket.”

          You are a freaking genius Rupert. You just boldly predicted what Obama campaigned on. That makes you what…only 2 years behind the curve? What are you going to predict next…the onset of fall leave color in October?

          “At that time you predicted the infamous 40 year Reich of the Democrats”

          Uh…no. I don’t make those sorts of long term predictions. That is your area of expertise.

          “People just don’t like what you guys are selling. You have passed quite a bit of legislation and it has people up in arms.”

          Correction Rupert. It has some people like you up in arms. It has tea party people who did not notice the existence of the deficit prior to 2008 up in arms. It has most people waiting to see what happens next before they decide who to vote for. Since the Republicans have nothing to run on but opposition and bluster, various outcomes are possible. If Republicans will publicly embrace their inner Sharon Angles, the Democrats will hold power easily. If they manage to hide their agenda by avoiding interviews other than on Fox, then they could sneak back in through the back door. But then they would have to share governing, and we know how that worked out last time.

          “I know liberalism and I know people don’t like you guys once they know what you are about ”

          Sure, that is why they keep electing us to solve problems. That is why people are agitating for repeal of all those liberal programs I listed up above. And we know they certainly like what Republicans are about, which is why you are way, and I do mean way out of power. All of which leaves the people with a conundrum. They don’t like too much change too fast, and they don’t want to go back to the party that drove the bus into the ditch and nearly off the cliff. My prediction is that I don’t know what will happen next, but whatever it is will be interesting and we will argue about it. What is yours?

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