Powerful Video: Glenn Beck on going blind

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  • dartagnan

    Glenn, nobody is taking away your right to go to any doctor you choose.

    That said, I hope your eye disease doesn’t seriously damage your vision.

    • mary’s opinion

      Time will tell whether we will maintain our right to choose any doctor we want. Beck is an entertainer there is no question about it. But we should not discount his opinions and comments on some in-your-face realities and issues America is facing. I too hope Glenn’s eye health issue will turn out alright.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      The question of the right to choose your own doctor is a good one.

      Do we have it under Obama care? For the time being the answer is yes, but no one can say with any sureness as even those on capitol hill who voted for Obama care said we would have to wait and see how things shake out once the bill is enacted.

      Is there reason to be concerned your ability to choose a doctor will be taken away from you?


      Progressives are not about freedom, they are about government. In other words whatever individuality you value within yourself, they place equal value on the right of the collective to take that from you.

      How do we know this?

      Well, first if we are over 21 we probably should have learned it by that point. However in the context of Obama care we can find examples of this mentality. They eliminate your choice in deductables.

      Want a high deductable plan because you have math skills above a 7th grader and can firgure out low deductable planse are financial idiocy compaired to a high deductable combined with an MSA?

      Obama care say you dont get that choice.

      So, the bottom line is progressives, as evidenced by Obama care, do not allow you to chose the insurance you want.

      Therefore it is clear – progressives are hardly above eliminating your choice in doctor as well.

      By their actions you shall know them. And nothing is a more effective campaign against progressive ideaology than pointing out the legislation enacted under that ideology. All know this, progressives most of all. It is why they hide their actions – the best example being keep cameras away during Obama care deliberations – the American people cannot know what we are doing.

      Did they do that because they thought you would like it?

      When they hide things they do to you, do you think perserving your choice in doctor is a top concern?

      Or do you think you have been had?

      That presidents and legislators who fear cameras, who tell you that they will preserve your choice in doctor, when they took away your choice in insurance, might just be lying to you?

      Point out what they are doing, and they will be defeated. Its as simple as that.

      All will run from it if the record is known, and don’t think progressives most of all aren’t aware of this.

      It’s why they run from cameras in the first place – no one wants what they are selling, and progressives know it most of all.

      Its why they lie to you.

      • valley p

        “Therefore it is clear – progressives are hardly above eliminating your choice in doctor as well.”

        Then why haven’t they done so for Medicare recipients? After all, they have had 35 years with that program. Geezers get to choose any doctor that takes Medicare patients. What does this fact of life do to your theory Rupert? Probably nothing, because your theories are not reality based.

        • Davis

          “Geezers get to choose any doctor that takes Medicare patients”

          And therein lies the rub. As I am sure you are already aware, many doctors who are accepting new patients exclude Medicare/Medicaid (in Oregon /OHP) participants. Doctors are beginning to refuse the Medicare/Medicaid regime of less-than-retail compensation that they then pass on to the rest of their clients through inflated fees. There have been several reports of doctors saying they will stop practicing medicine before they will succumb to ObamaCare mandates. So although Obama et. al. have plausible deniability when they claim I will be able to choose my own doctor (since as with insurance companies, the legislation requires doctors to accept those covered under any ObamaCare plan), what will happen to me when I run out of doctors from among whom I may choose?

          • valley p

            “There have been several reports of doctors saying they will stop practicing medicine before they will succumb to ObamaCare mandates.”

            Well, if they have a better way to make a few hundred thousand a year then more power to them.

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