Missouri Video: First political ad to link Obama to candidate

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Damn good ad.

    Frankly the best thing for any candidate at this stage of the game is to not only distance themselves from Obama – but point out those Democratic agenda items they will attempt to stop.

    I would say this goes for both Republican and Democratic candidates.

    For Democrats the single best winning issue would be to get ahead of the curve and say you will vote to renew the Bush tax cuts. Obviously it doesn’t have to be phrased that way – call it the working families tax cut and vote for essentially identical tax relief. The liberal base will buy it because they bought the dopey notion that the poor didn’t get a tax cut under Bush, when in fact their taxes were the highest percentage cut of anyone’s. As I have been predicting for a couple of months now – the tax cuts will be renewed anyway but for a candidate to get ahead of the curve on this before it is on anyone’s radar will make them look more prescient.

    For Republicans – the biggest winning issue is not to be an idiot and be sucked in by the press. This hard for candidates of “The Stupid Party”. They generally get conciliatory when pressed by a reporter and promise to “work with the president”.

    Frankly Republican candidates should be taken down to the Gulf and shown the oil spill as training.

    “OK candidate – you see that spill? ya heard of it?”

    “Who hasn’t, it’s been on the news 24/7. Are you trying to get me to feign heartbreak and horror at the environmental catastrophe? I can do that with the best of the Upper West Side crowd….really…..I can say HORROR… and ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE just like Scarlett O’Hara”

    “No you idiot….I’m here to learn ya something…ok…look at that spill…ya see it?……ok….this president has so little traction that with this mess out here on TV 24/7 he can’t even get the public behind him on a six month drilling ban…..now does that tell you something?”

    “Well, it tells me all those Berkeley Blanche Dubois types running around exclaiming how they are SICK and HORRIFIED are kind of full of it”

    “We all know that…what else candidate from the stupid party?”

    “It tells me that if you cant get the public behind you on a drilling ban in the midst of this, then the public probably isn’t behind you on much of anything”

    “So then is there any reason to say you will support him when reporters ask if you will work with the presdent?”

    “I guess not, I mean if he can’t get a ball rolling over this goo, then why work with him on all the garbage he is doing that just spends a lot of money?”

    “Damn – ya got it boy….I’m proud of ye….here want a chew of tobaccy?”

    “No way, that stuff is bad for you”

    “Kinda like Obama aint it? That’s what we call a Knee Monic….so you remember that ok?”

    “Thank Hoss”

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