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Campaign starts to honor former Oregon Governor, US Senator Mark Hatfield
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Senator Mark O. Hatfield is the greatest political leader in Oregon’s history. His incredible legacy spans over 40 years in public service and includes serving in both chambers of the Oregon Legislature, as Secretary of State, two terms as Governor, and 30 years in the U.S. Senate – the longest term in Oregon history. But Senator Hatfield’s legacy reaches far beyond Oregon’s borders. During his significant tenure in the United States Senate, he stood steadfast as a conscientious leader and principled statesman and was an important participant in some of our nation’s most critical moments of the 20th Century. Senator Hatfield’s influence, however, is more than his legislative record of achievement. It extends through those who served with him on his staff to impact an even greater number of Oregonians, Americans, and even citizens of other nations. It is through their memories of Mark Hatfield that we are able to get a complete picture of the importance of this fine Oregonian and great American leader.

The stories of those closest to him during his service, the lives he touched and those with whom he served tell the story of Mark Hatfield’s service, his philosophy of leadership and his impact on our nation and its history.
How You Can Help

The Hatfield Project is a non-profit organization created to capture Mark Hatfield’s story in a documentary film. As such, it relies on the generous support of groups and individuals who share the goal of honoring Sen. Hatfield by telling his story. Would you help us with this effort by contributing today? Please, donate today.

Everyone, it seems, has a “Hatfield Story”, something from their experience in Oregon that involves Mark Hatfield. We want you to share your stories with us! Click “Share Your Hatfield Story” to read other people’s stories and to share your own. Throughout the production of the documentary, we will be sharing select stories on this website.

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