Lars Larson: A Free Market may solve the problem with illegals

I’m a big believer in the market system. It worked wonders with our problem with illegal aliens.

I would’ve loved to have seen what Arizona’s new illegal alien law would have done to other states. If only that federal judge hadn’t gotten in the way. I guess we can wait until it gets appealed and the American people actually win. I hope we do.

What we’re going to see is illegal aliens leaving Arizona. But, America is such a fat place for those that commit their crimes. There come here illegally. They work illegally. They steal identities. They are committing half a dozen crimes just by being here.

Do you know what they’re going to do? They’ll go to other states. Like the state I live in, Washington, or the state where I work, Oregon.

Then, guess what is going to happen. Those states will be overrun with illegal aliens. They’ll take the jobs and they’ll take the social services. Then those states will have a choice. Do we enforce the law like Arizona, or we stand on sanctuary principle.

I can’t wait to see it happen.

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